By brendon September 01, 2006 @ 9:05 AM

At some point you chicks are gonna realize that the gay stylist is not your friend.  They're basically your competition for hot guys, and those catty bitches will do whatever it takes to sabotage you.  Even if they have to go undercover and slowly but surely make you look like absolute hell.  I guess you could give points to Aguilera for trying really hard, but that's really the kind of thing you say about Special Olympians as they drown.  Jessica Simpson couldn't make it last night, so the part of "Jessica Simpson" was played by Trish Stratus.

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    slyde 09/01/2006 09:30

    Honestly, i dont even watch the lame ass mtv video music or movie awards anymore. When they first started them, they fucking rocked. They would air them live and you could see all the fucked-up shit the celebrities would pull. Now they tape it an edit all the good shit out. Plus they tell the people ahead of time who is going to win so theyll show up, which is also lame. And as bad as the music awards are, the movie awards have gotten 10 times worse. The only people who show up are there to promote some new suck-ass movie that they’re in that comes out soon. Huge wastes of time to watch that crap lately. http://WWW.SLYDESBLOG.COM

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    Jon 09/01/2006 09:31

    Hey Jess, let’s lay off the squats, the legs are starting to look a little manly. K, thanks.

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    Edgar 09/01/2006 10:21

    Call me crazy but I’m more attracted now to Ashleee Simpson than her sister Jessica. Jessica really fucked up her look by going with the ‘Angelina Jolie” lips.

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    rein 09/01/2006 10:56

    …but that’s really the kind of thing you say about Special Olympians as they drown.

    Stuff like this is what has kept me coming back to this site.

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    Kyle01 09/01/2006 11:01

    Jessica Simpson couldn’t make it last night, so the part of “Jessica Simpson” was played by Trish Stratus.


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    Sean01 09/01/2006 11:27

    Why do I get the impression that Jessica Simpson has a mustache? Oh and Jess, my roommate has those sandals… and he’s gay.

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    Dr_Faulk 09/01/2006 11:55

    lol, Trish Stratus!

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    Adam 09/01/2006 12:09

    Jess needs a new movie bad, if only to get her toned up, she’s starting to look loose in the arms and legs.

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    Cyn 09/01/2006 12:20

    She looks orange.

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    James01 09/01/2006 12:49

    she looks like a duck in that banner photo

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    paul 09/01/2006 13:05

    I didnt get that Trish Status thing until I looked at the pics and realized Jessica has calves like Jerome Bettis.

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    TRACEY 09/01/2006 14:09

    I think she looks good with a little weight on her.Is that her real hair? and is she only wearing one earring? definately needs to lay off the mystic tan though.oompa loompa anyone???

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    TRACEY 09/01/2006 14:10

    Christina has her own style and that girl can sing even if she is a reputed bitch.

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    mrhammerstein 09/01/2006 14:27

    nick lachey is counting his lucky stars right now.

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    James01 09/01/2006 15:06

    so when I bang her…will i turn orange too

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    shannon 09/01/2006 21:07

    blah blah blah Jessica Simpson…what I want to know is why no one has pointed out the irony of Nicole Richie giving Pink an award for her Stupid Girls video…you can’t plan that stuff! Well okay you can. But shut up.

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    Zed 09/02/2006 05:16

    I’m not a homophobe, but they fucking disgust me with all their cool clothes and cool hair and random guilt free sex all the time, Pricks.

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    quackbastard 09/03/2006 08:59

    personally, I think she looks pretty good here, except for way too much bronzer

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    RAD 09/03/2006 18:11

    Well, what I want to know is why no one has pointed out that Jessica’s father has his hand near his crotch while he’s looking at her? Is it me or is it a little too creepy?

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    Shelly 09/05/2006 13:32

    Christina looks HOT, but the reason Jessica doesn’t look good is because JESSICA SIMPSON IS NOT GOODLOOKING. Don’t blame her damn stylist–the man’s TRYING.

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