By brendon October 23, 2006 @ 10:03 AM

If you don't know Lily Allen yet, your life isn't as happy as it could be.  Not only does she make the happiest music you'll ever hear about having her ex boyfriend beaten up and little old ladies maybe or maybe not getting killed by muggers, she's also the only one in music who makes any damn sense.  In an interview win this months Brit GQ, she was asked who the most overrated person in pop music history is.  Lily says:

"Madonna.  I haven't got anything against her at all but she hasn't done anything since the early eighties that has been like 'wow'.  She might have meant something once but I don't know anyone my age who cares."

On Pete Doherty:

"I do think he needs to be exterminated.  It's a bit dull, isn't it."  

Her thoughts on Paris Hilton:

"People like her are useless … She's hideously untalented. Her music is auto-tuned. You can hear it. I know because my sister saw her in Ibiza and said it was the worst thing she had ever heard.  I worked for two and a half years writing my album … I find it hideous that she's come in and not worked for it at all."

And the Pussycat Dolls:

"They're too skinny, takes all their clothes off, don't say anything, promote womanizing and look like lapdancers as far as I’m concerned.  It's a really bad message to be sending young women.  And not just for young women – but for young men. For them to believe that that’s what women are like in real life in such a hideous concept to sell to people. It's just terrible".

For some reason Lily isn’t huge here in the Colonies yet, but at least we don't call our cops "bobbies", so take that England.  You can hear Lilys latest single "LDN" here, see her myspace here.  Her dad was a famous comedian, but just like me she spent a lot of time on the streets, and that's where she got her edge.  Except, in my case, replace the word "streets" with "all white country club" and "edge" with "curly fries".  Polo club represent, yo.   

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    Edgar 10/23/2006 10:59

    Fucking A man, I like this kid. Madonna is definately overrated, and the sad part is she charges like $300 for concert seats. I also loved the comment on the Pussy Cat dolls, cause thats all they are; strippers! Not that I have anything against strippers, God know I support single moms every weekend, but these sluts don’t deserve an ounce of credit for their music careers.

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    Eduardo 10/23/2006 11:07

    I can’t figure out if this chick is cute or not. Look arounf for some pics, in some she looks like a chubby cheeked lil’ piggy and in some she looks like a moderately hot little chuck of womanhood. Eh, either way I’d make sure to work in the “Hey, your Myspace account says you dig anal” angle….

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    James01 10/23/2006 11:07

    why is saying the obvious news worthy?

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    bryce 10/23/2006 11:28

    Yeah, Ed, need to fuck that puppy fat off her. I’d be slightly scared of doing that as her Dad is Keith Allen and a bit of a maniac… But hey, nothing ventured nothing gained.

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    CR 10/23/2006 11:41

    I am listening to her songs on myspace, they are making me laugh. (Laugh in the good way) I like her. Stating the obvious is newsworthy these days because nobody does it. Everyone has everyone’s cocks down their throat and are too scared to piss anyone off.

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    Julz 10/23/2006 11:47

    I’ll download all her songs to keep her talking. Love it, love it, love it! James, everyone is H’wood is so busy sucking ass, they don’t dare speak the truth. Like tom Cruise is gay and his acting sucks.

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    Daniel04 10/23/2006 11:48

    Yeah she is pretty huge here in England I was surprised to see her on here. Shes got no tits btw plus shes as posh as fuck.

    PS. No1 actually calls them ‘bobbies’

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    eruditeshite 10/23/2006 12:04

    I think that jackass on the left has tonsilitis.

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    JC 10/23/2006 12:08

    Yo, I-Zod in the hood!

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    Robert 10/23/2006 12:12

    Call me cynical, but just cuz you state the obvious doesn’t make you news – it only makes you human (vs the sheep that is the rest of the planet). Also, her myspace page is like a bad acid trip while watching the old “Archies” cartoon. Finally, she has “cute overload” written all over her. Ugh, where’s my insulin?

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    Mass 10/23/2006 13:45

    The guy in the banner pic scares me.

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    Angela 10/23/2006 13:55

    I’m a big fan of her music since I heard it on Sirius and then her website. After reading this I like her even more. Obviously this mag knows she’ll answer honestly or they wouldn’t have bothered.

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    T-bird 10/23/2006 14:01

    i suspect if she were a super hero her name would be captain obvious.

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    Eduardo 10/23/2006 14:01

    “Posted at 10/23/2006 13:45 by Mass
    The guy in the banner pic scares me.”—- You mean the screaming guy? The really scary part is that he’s being sodomized by Buford the Moonshiner, who is standing right behind him in the overalls. “Yeeee doggie!”

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    Greg 10/23/2006 14:04

    she is my new hero

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    Jakey 10/23/2006 15:04

    And her music’s decent too? It’s like I woke up in Bizarro World!

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    Lisa 10/23/2006 15:40

    Whatever, Miss Lily. Go ahead and insult Madonna, but I bet you in 25 years we’ll be saying “Lily who???”. In fact I’d bet my life and all my future babies’ lives on it, I’m that confident! I saw Lily on Russell Brand’s tv show, she was dead boooring. Good enough singer, but I’m not interested in what she has to say. Making fun of Pussycat Dolls, Pete and Paris Hilton… what easy targets! Say something profound or just shut the f up.

    Oh and by the way, the $300 I spent on Madonna’s concert was money very, very well spent. Spectacular show!

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    Monkeypants 10/23/2006 16:15

    Who is this chick? Some pastey limey tart? Mmm…pastries…I didn’t know Russell Brand had a show on TV…Always listen to the podcast over here in the states, along with Fighting Talk. 5 Live rules!

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    reggid 10/23/2006 16:51

    She looks like she’s posing for a Snorg-Tees add. I dig Snorg-Tees girls, even one who’s just pretending. You saucy little Snorg-Tees-wannabe minx, you.

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    Monkeypants 10/23/2006 17:00

    Snorg-Tees always makes me think of Natalie Portman, and vice-versa…hmmm…speaking of, isn’t she about due for another hot Italian Vogue layout or something? Can’t let her hotness-glory-years go by without photographic evidence. I mean, we are bombarded daily with the latest spread on Britney, Paris, Lindsay, et. al. – show me something good!

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