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Janet Jacksons new record is a failure.  TMZ says "The CD debuted three weeks ago, selling 296,873 copies. The second week, sales plunged 74% to 77,240 units. The typical second week drop is 40%.  (In the third week) sales dropped to 42,240 units, a 45% plunge from the second week.  Janet's CD debuted at number two on the charts, dropped to number nine the second week and then went down to number 19 the third week."  Janet’s probably pretty depressed by all this, so if you're her Secret Santa this year, a pretty good gift would probably be a gun.  Pam Anderson and Kid Rock want to have a baby, according to Us Magazine.  "Pam and Kid have talked about it for a long time. Kid wanted to get back with Pam partly because of this, but she didn’t know he wanted a child. They are trying really hard right now."  And who could blame her!  Rawr!

Scarlet Johansson had a record deal announced this week for an album called "Scarlett Sings Tom Waits".  On the album, Scarlett sings Tom Waits.  Not sure if that was clear.  You can decide for yourself if Scarlett can sing by listening to her version of "Summertime" here or here (the one from Porgy and Bess, not the Sundays).  You might like it.  I listened to about thirty seconds of it until I realized what I was doing and stopped.

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