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A group of physicians is claiming that Suzanne Somers' new book on hormone therapy is filled with misleading claims and could be dangerous if taken at face value.  In the book, Somers recommends a "bioidentical hormone-replacement therapy in which supplemental doses of synthetic sex-steroid hormones replace conventional hormone-replacement therapy” saying this is a "medically validated approach that can help reverse the aging process".

If there’s anyone who has found the fountain of youth, I’m inclined to believe its Suzanne Somers, and yet a group of 6 physicians have written an open letter, saying:

"We believe (the book) is detrimental and dangerous to the thousands of women who will read it … The book freely and repeatedly blurs the line of medical ethics and science with hearsay … we cannot stand by and allow nonexperts to dispense medical advice that could potentially harm women."

Woah, woah, woah, slow down.  So these so-called “doctors” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) are claiming that Suzanne Somers isn’t qualified to give me advice on bioidentical hormone-replacement therapy.  Suzanne Somers.  Who played a sheriff on "She’s the Sheriff".  Which sounds like a pretty important position to me.  But I’m supposed to just ignore her when she tells me to alter my DNA.  Sounds to me like someone is jealous.  Tell me this “doctor” – if you can hear me up there in your ivory tower – if you’re the only smart one, then how did that guy at the truck stop know that I needed a physical?  Then why did he have a fancy centrifuge machine?  Well, technically I guess it was toilet.  And it was broken.  But it still spun my sperm sample around, which the doctor said was necessary to stop Satan from begetting a son of his own and destroying the world.  I’m a hero!

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