The New York Post says today that Ashlee Simpson was seen last week at G Spa in New York getting very cozy with Taye Diggs.  Who, by the way, is married.  According to Page Six:
Taye Diggs was spotted "cheek to cheek" with Ashlee Simpson at G Spa last week. They took tequila shots and were intimately whispering and intertwining arms for a half hour.  A rep for Simpson says she and Diggs are "just friends."

Holy Christ.  How awesome would it be if Ashlee started doin black guys.  That would kill Joe for sure.  Now we just need her to step up from the non-threatening black man to black dudes like Michael Clark Duncan.  And you'll know when she starts getting hollowed out by dudes like that because every time her skinny ass opens her mouth, a beam of sunlight will hit the floor between her legs.

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