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In Touch says that the monster seen above (aka – Kirsten Dunst) is now dating Orlando Bloom, who has been single since breaking up with Kate Bosworth two months ago.  The monster has pretty much been single since ending her pretend relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal over a year ago.   Hard to believe no one has snatched up this prize.  Anyway, In Touch says It and Bloom were seen together Sunday at the hotel Chateau Marmount in Hollywood, on what was seemingly a date.  A source says:

"They stayed in the lobby, even after last call. They were talking, flirting and kissing."

Yikes.  At best I'll say that maybe Orlando thought he was helping.  Maybe he saw Its disgusting pebble teeth and cold dead complexion and thought she was cursed by a witch, and only a kiss could break the spell.  It's either that or he has some serious mental problems.  You don't have to be Freud to figure out that anyone who punishes their penis by sticking it inside Kirsten Dunst is gonna be filled with self hate.

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