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MediaTakeOut has posted what is reportedly an email from a woman claiming that she has witnessed Jay Z being physically abusive to his girlfriend Beyonce.  The email is from a woman claming to be Beyonces assistant and she says she has seen first hand Jay push and shove Beyonce.  The email says:

I wanted to bring this to because I know how you all like to put stuff out no matter what it is. So I felt that I should expose Jay for the ugly [EXPLETIVE] he is.  Seems that for a while he's had a problem with keeping his hands to himself. Now I've never seen him just flat out strike Bee, but too many times have I seem him shove and push her.  At first I thought that it was just a little horse play thing between the two – but once I saw how embarrassed Bee was to be man-handled in the front of me in St. Tropez – I realized that it was no joke.  I've been [Beyonce's assistant] and friend for a while now and I've always wanted to say something but I never felt it was my place. He treats Beyonce like she's an object and not a person. The [EXPLETIVE] should be happy that a beautiful woman finally wants and loves his ugly [EXPLETIVE] for more than just what's in his pockets.

Then they show this video of Jay punching a girl in the face.  And it reminds me why, even though I have sick freestyle skillz, I got out of hip hop.  Similarly, I left ice dancing because it's all a big popularity contest these days.  It used to be about the ice dancing, now it's all about who has the flashiest costume. I just wanted to express myself on the ice, and I don't see what's wrong with the same red sequin vest and bowtie I've worn since junior nationals.  

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