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Prince Frederic von Anhalt, Zsa Zsa Gabors husband who came out of the woodwork last week to claim he had been having a ten year affair with Anna Nicole Smith and was the father of her baby Dannielynn, tells the Associated Press he will go to court and file a paternity challenge this week to seek custody of the little girl born in September.  This despite the fact that a former publicist for Gabor has called von Anhalt a "chronic fabricator."Annas lawyer Howard K. Stern is listed as the babys father on the birth certificate, but Annas ex boyfriend Larry Birkhead is still demanding the chance to prove he is the actual father. Adding to the drama, and detracting from von Anhalts credibility. is the revelation that his entire story may be a creation of the tabloids.   CBS News says:

…sources say Von Anhalt is on the payroll of certain European tabloids and created the story for them. "He timed it to coincide with the arrival in Los Angeles of hundreds of foreign media outlets for Oscar junkets," a source tells the Web site.

I think a good show would be one where they get all these guys together and then do some tests to determine who the dad really is.  But instead of science tests its like they chain him up and seal him in a tank filled with water behind a curtain.  But then the dude suddenly appears all the way on the other side of the room, soaking wet but okay.  Everyone will agree, that dude should be that dad!  How did he do that!

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