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Extra has an interview today with Alexander Denk, Anna Nicole Smiths ex bodyguard and the latest to claim that he might be the father of Dannielynn.   Denk was Anna Nicole's bodyguard for two years and claims that the two had a affair that entire time.  He hints that she suffered severe depression and frequent seizures but says he does not believe drugs were a factor in Anna Nicole’s death.  Extra says:

Then, Denk dropped the baby bombshell we never saw coming. When asked if Smith ever revealed to him the real father of Dannielynn, Denk responded, “She always told me she wanted to have her kids with me.”  So is there a possibility Denk is Dannielynn’s father?  “There’s always a possibility,” he insisted.  Alexander hired prominent Beverly Hills attorney Cyrus Nownejad, and he made it clear he wants to raise Baby Dannielynn if she is his.

Wow, this chick sure did love fuckin.  At this rate, when they reveal the list of names of potential fathers, it will be on a big giant scroll that hit's the floor and rolls across the room like that list Santa checks on Christmas Eve.  Potential fathers will include Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Walter Payton, that kid who came by to sell her some candles, that one guy with the thing, Garfield and the 2005 Miami Dolphins.

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