By brendon March 12, 2007 @ 1:20 PM

Brooke Burke and her husband David Charvet brought Burger King hamburgers and french fries to the homeless in Santa Monica this weekend.  And while it probably won't make any lasting change in the homeless situation, I guess it's better than my plan, which is to point at them. 

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    Coregasm 03/12/2007 13:26

    Cheap ass trick… Wendy’s would have been the real deal.

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    Jim 03/12/2007 13:30

    The least she could do was wear something low cut so that when she bent down to give the homeless their burger, they got a nice boob shot. Jeez….fuckin selfish bitch.

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    Tatonka 03/12/2007 13:30

    I like to give them money to buy beer, thats what they really want. You should see the smile on their faces.

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    GunGuy 03/12/2007 13:32

    Give a man a cheese burger, you feed him for a day. Teach him how mug the rich, you feed him for life.

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    Goldie 03/12/2007 13:34

    Goldie thinks Brooke Burke is great. By Great I mean whore.


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    Jed 03/12/2007 13:38

    No, doing her two nude layouts in Playboy was nice. This was more humanitarian … although, come to think of it, seeing Brooke Burke naked could heal the world, since she’s damn near flawless. Okay, giving burgers to the homeless was a cool thing to do … nope, still coming back to the nakedness. She should just be naked. All the time. And fucking me. That’d be nice.

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    brian16 03/12/2007 13:42

    I’d like to sample Brooke Burke’s furburger.

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    howdydoody 03/12/2007 13:48

    LOL!!! Nice Brian….Very, very nice……

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    sheepsteeth 03/12/2007 13:50

    Sheepsteeth thinks that writing in this way is fucking moronic. She did playboy??? Where is the proof.sheepsteeth.!!!!

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    JoeBlow 03/12/2007 13:53

    I gotta agree with Coregasm. Wendy’s would have been a huge step up over Burger Shit. BK has the worst fucking fast food on the planet. Well, White Castle is pretty shitty as well but eating at BK is like, well. Eating rat shit.

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    Tennessee Tuxedo 03/12/2007 13:56

    WTF did they get this movie from netflix and not realize it was satire?

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    potato 03/12/2007 14:08

    Burgers? They need booze not food you dopey slut!

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    03/12/2007 14:10

    They could have at least added cheese to the hamburgers for .20 extra. Not to mention some beverages to wash all that grease down would have been nice. I guess that’s asking too much from multi-millionaires.

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    Brave Sir Robin 03/12/2007 14:13

    sheeps…it’s called third person and, I assure you, Sir Robin only writes in the third person when making fun of himself. Brave brave brave brave sir robin. Oh yeah, Brooke, how about some pie with that?

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    Brave Sir Robin 03/12/2007 14:15

    Bad Brooke! That poor homeless guy’s LDL is gonna go through the roof 150-160)!

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    LoRider 03/12/2007 14:18

    LoRider always likes to refer to himself in the 3rd person. It gives LoRider something interesting to talk about. I wonder if any of the ungrateful homeless bastids told Brooke and her hubby to f-off, like they did to LoRider when he offered a sandwich to a guy with a “will work for food” sign? I hope so, because LoRider loves to see celebs get punked. Ride Lo.

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    Deesnuts 03/12/2007 14:19

    David Charvet should save one for himself, when the last time that puts worked??

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    Deesnuts 03/12/2007 14:21

    oops read:putz not puts

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    sheepsteeth 03/12/2007 14:21

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Sheepsteeth loves it.

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    FrankieG 03/12/2007 14:22

    I would’ve thrown that shit right back and told em to bring me some Wendy’s, mmmmmm, now that’s good shit.

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