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Halle Berry tells InStyle magazine this month that she has a simple test that she takes once a year to gauge if she’s still in good shape. says:

Once a year, Halle Berry, 40, tries on the Mickey Mouse jeans she bought when she was 15.  "It's my annual test.  I try them on once a year, and if I can still fit into them, all is good in the world!" Yeah, anyone else not fitting into the same jeans they bought 15 months ago, let alone 25 years ago?

Whatever.  There's no way Halle passed that test this year.  The top pictures are from November, and it's not that she's heavy or anything but she's not built like jailbait either.  I actually called Halle to see if this story was true and Halle said, "You don't call for two weeks and then when you do it it's about some stupid interview.  Forget it.  We're done.  Leave my underwear in a bag outside and never call me again."    Aww c'mon baby, why you gotta be like that.  

(the bottom row of pictures are there for no other reason than she looks super hot.  higher res versions here)

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