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Jodie Marsh is sort of a UK version of Brooke Burke or Carmen Electra, and now she's also the star of a new MTV show where the winner gets to marry her.  If you couldn't tell by the pictures, she's a dynamite lady, and the proof comes from her bio on wiki:

Prior to this Marsh was having a sexual relationship with two men, which she describes as a "threesome relationship". This ended when their respective girlfriends found out, though Marsh claims to have enjoyed the experience, and would prefer to be with five men next time. In her autobiography she wrote about an earlier experience, where she spent five hours having sex with a group of four men and another woman in a barn.

Hm, I've been having my orgies in the back alley by the dumpster, but a barn sounds much nicer.  It's like a little vacation!

Sexy Fact: Jodie used to "date" Calum Best, who is now "dating" Lindsay Lohan.

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