By brendon July 20, 2007 @ 12:40 PM

Janice Dickinson was born in 1955, which makes her … um … I don't know, eighty seven.  87.  Maybe 52.  I'm not very good with numbers, but that's not the point, the point is she looks pretty good for her age.  She should go to the schools and "rap" with today's young people and tell the girls how important it is to starve yourself and get huge implants.  If they want boys to like them, that is.  Don't get me wrong, she doesn't look awesome or anything, but she looks good.  Her body basically looks like Tara Reid, which maybe isn't the most flattering thing in the world if you're Tara Reid.

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    Juan 07/20/2007 12:49

    Loved her in "Police Woman."

    Wait, that's Angie Dickinson.  Who is this again?


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    Robert_Paulson 07/20/2007 12:49

    Botox hides the pain of years of unmet dreams.

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    LoRider 07/20/2007 12:50

    She's got that weird Tara Reid stomach thing going on, but since I'm old, I'd hit it.  Who am I kiddin?  I would hit Tara Reid, too.


    Ride Lo

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    Seven 07/20/2007 12:50

    Fucking her would be like fisting a jar of mayonnaise but I'm game.

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    Catch Me Now, I'm Falling 07/20/2007 12:52

    Janice, just because you feel young doesn't mean you are young.

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    Coregasm 07/20/2007 12:53

    Regardless of the fact that you could cover a pair of alligator skin shoes with the skin on her belly, I'd angry fuck the hell out of this bitch… spit in her mouth and all. It's ok, she likes it that way.

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    DB's Treasure 07/20/2007 12:55

    You can really getta good make at her cooter in picture numero 4

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    Observer 07/20/2007 12:55


    I'd rather fuck that sweet sweet Britney ass!

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    bigevilalien 07/20/2007 12:56

    So when was she this supposed "Supermodel"?

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    trickyd 07/20/2007 12:56

    Is this the no talent ass clown who used to do the Vanna White thing on that Price is Right show with the geezer Bob Barker?  I haven't rubbed one out to her since I was 13. 

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    Thomas 07/20/2007 12:58

    When these people go in for plastic surgery, docs need to use FULL LENGTH MIRRORS, not just ones for the tits and up….

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    IvanWhore 07/20/2007 12:58

    I'd angry-fuck the hell out of her until she's comatose from her rape memories.  Anything to drive that final nail in the coffin.

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    Son of Bill Brasky 07/20/2007 13:00

    Are these implants recent?  Why would someone that old get implants that big.  Her back will be killing her soon.  Plus, check out her lips.  It looks like she went to Jessica Simpson's surgeon, only he wasn't in so she found some dude in the bathroom that cut her lip open with the lid of an aluminum can, shoved the collagen in her lips by hand and then sewed it up with a bungee cord.

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    daveaf07 07/20/2007 13:02

    massive labia on this one, they might be implants too.

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    Jacktion! 07/20/2007 13:04

    Hey, this doesn't have anything to do with Britney or Lindsay. Where the hell am I?

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    Ass Tagger 07/20/2007 13:07

    I'd probably just be content with giving her a pearl necklace.  I doubt I'd want to venture very far south of that.

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    Roma 07/20/2007 13:07

    sadly enough she looks better than Tera Reid. 

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    Doctress Leisa 07/20/2007 13:10

    She was smoking hot back in '87. As in 1887, but who's counting?

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    The Bastard, MD 07/20/2007 13:12

    Still, compared to Britney's ricotta thighs and Tara's "lazy nipple", it's not the worst look of the day…

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    Optimus Poon 07/20/2007 13:12

    I agree that there's some serious meat-flappery going on inside that suit.  Probably looks like somebody put a fire cracker in some chewed bubble gum. 

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