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Kanye West stamps his tiny feet and holds his breath every time he doesn't win an award, because nothing says "street cred" in the rap world like craving approval and recognition from giant companies run by old white people.  And of course, he did it again last night after the MTV Awards:

"Kanye was watching the closing performance on a closed-circuit monitor, and he started getting upset," a source who was backstage told MTV News. "He started asking anyone who'd listen why he wasn't allowed to perform on the main stage. 'Why did I perform in just a suite?' he was saying. 'Justin's my boy, but even he gets to perform in both a suite and on the main stage? Something's wrong here.' "According to a story filed by The Associated Press, West was also upset about being shut out of all five categories he was nominated in.  He reportedly yelled, "That's two years in a row, man … I'm trying hard, man, I have the … #1 record, man."

To be fair to Kanye, these awards show can be frustrating.  They're just big popularity contests.   This is why I got out of modeling.  "Model Of The Year" used to be about the modeling and showing off the clothes, but then somehow it became about all this other … "stuff", you know what I mean.

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