Hot naked girls make me surprisingly happy, so its obviously good news that FilmDrunk is the first (or "not first" as some would say it) to report that Natalie Portman is naked in the short film "Hotel Chevalier", a companion piece to Wes Andersons "The Darjeeling Limited".  Sources say:
"If there's one element of 'Hotel Chevalier' that's surprising for Anderson, it’s a strong sense of romance and sexuality: in one shot, Schwartzmann gently pulls off Portman's clothes to reveal her naked body from behind, and a later shot has Portman, nude, standing still in a doorway, one foot up against the frame. It's the sexiest thing that Anderson has ever done."
Keep in mind that before this, the sexiest thing Anderson has ever done in a movie is showing Willem Dafoe in snug blue shorts, so the bar here is pretty high.  My god, he was just poured into those things!

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