By brendon September 06, 2007 @ 10:09 AM

Hot naked girls make me surprisingly happy, so its obviously good news that FilmDrunk is the first (or "not first" as some would say it) to report that Natalie Portman is naked in the short film "Hotel Chevalier", a companion piece to Wes Andersons "The Darjeeling Limited".  Sources say:

"If there's one element of 'Hotel Chevalier' that's surprising for Anderson, it’s a strong sense of romance and sexuality: in one shot, Schwartzmann gently pulls off Portman's clothes to reveal her naked body from behind, and a later shot has Portman, nude, standing still in a doorway, one foot up against the frame. It's the sexiest thing that Anderson has ever done."

Keep in mind that before this, the sexiest thing Anderson has ever done in a movie is showing Willem Dafoe in snug blue shorts, so the bar here is pretty high.  My god, he was just poured into those things!

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    DB's Treasure 09/06/2007 10:22

    Mmmmmmm, wouldn't mind seeing her!!!! Where the hell has this bitch been!?

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    DB's Treasure 09/06/2007 10:23

    Ya know, I am startin to dig the short hair on her. Hopefully she trims the short hairs! huh!?! HUH!?!? GET IT!? Dear God I'm a homo.

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    cheese 09/06/2007 10:27

    She's perfect. Can't wait to see it.

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    thedudeabides 09/06/2007 10:27

    Woo-hoo, have been waiting for this since closer

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    Dirty Hairy 09/06/2007 10:28

    Just as long as she remembers to tuck her johnson…

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    pepsiaftertaste 09/06/2007 10:29

    one more hot piece of wanking tackle to enjoy soon, woohooooo

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    wwbd 09/06/2007 10:29

    Hopefully they dont cut out the scene like they did in Closer.

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    mephistopheles jefferson 09/06/2007 10:30

    Seen it.  On a beach.  Meh.

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    DB's Treasure 09/06/2007 10:31

    That prostitute at the end of Boondock Saints was hot!

    I'm sorry, what? A man?  Oh that's ridiculous, it couldn't……oh no!

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    bryce 09/06/2007 10:35

    So the fact that it is a short film and has Portman naked make it about 4000% times better than Darjeeling…

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    bryce 09/06/2007 10:36

    I too would like to express a general interest in hot naked girls. Woo-hoo! Now where are the pics?

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    Doctress Leisa 09/06/2007 10:38

    Isn't she one of those stuck up cunts who once said she would never do a nude scene because it "diminished her craft" or whatever?

    Good to see that's working out for ya, Nat. 

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    Random Poster 09/06/2007 10:41

    Lucianno Pavarottie died today at the age of 71.
    In other news, buffets ever where sighed relief.


    Oh, and Portman is hot. 

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    Dr Johnny Fever 09/06/2007 10:42

    Is she that Irish bitch who had one hit song and pissed everyone off back in the 90s?

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    DB's Treasure 09/06/2007 10:42

    Doctress, would you flash your tats for a plentiful paycheck? Cause I know my penis wouldn't think twice.

    To the camera man: "Move in closer…..CLOSER, DAMN YOU! IT'S GOTTA LOOK HUGE!" 

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    Doctress Leisa 09/06/2007 10:48

    DB, the point is she said she was ABOVE flashing her tits for a paycheck–that she was an ARTISTE, and that female movie nudity was gratuitous and therefore beneath her. She's obviously changed her tune.

    As for me–just get me a pitcher of beer and some buffalo wings and I'll flash my tats in a movie. 

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    Son of Bill Brasky 09/06/2007 10:49

    oh no…is my sexuality to be questioned?  I too am beginning to like the short hair on Portman.  And Kiera is so fine that I don't mind the flat chest.  Man, what the fuck.  I sure hope he posts Xtina or Lindsay or Scarlett showing their tits REAL soon…

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    Sam 09/06/2007 10:50

    With that haircut and her thin build, my guess is that she'll look like a young boy with slighty enlarged breasts.  (Gynecomastia, for those of you keeping up on medical terminology)

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    DB's Treasure 09/06/2007 10:52

    Doc, I'll buy you three pitchers and a barrel of wings…..does that get me laid? 

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    wwbd 09/06/2007 10:53

    Arent there nude pics of her on a beach somewhere? Are those pics even real?

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