SHIA LEBEOUF IS UNDER ARREST - "Transformers" star Shia LaBeouf was arrested early Sunday morning after he refused to leave a Chicago Walgreens at 2:30 AM.  LaBeouf appeared to be intoxicated and was asked repeatedly to leave by security.  He refused and so police were called.  Hopefully his movie star teachers were called too.  Walgreens?  Booorrring.  What happened to giving an underage Russian model too much coke and then burying her in the desert because she couldn't handle her shit.  Jesus, why did this dude even become an actor?  MILLA JOVOVICH IS A MOM - actress Milla Jovovich gave birth to a baby girl this weekend, and then named it Ever Gabo Anderson for some inexplicable reason.  It's not as bad as Shannyn Sossamons kid Audio Science Clayton or Nic Cages kid Kal-el (Supermans real name) or Penn Jilletes kid Moxie CrimeFighter, but it's not because Milla didn't try.  On the first day of school, her name might as well be Pull My Shorts Down And Push Me In The Mud Anderson. BRITNEY IS A GOOD DRIVER - what are the odds that there's a kid with braces on his legs stuck under Britneys car right now, while she's inside tanning.  50 percent?  80?  I'll go 60.  Ooooh, here she comes, let's watch and see!

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