By brendon February 28, 2008 @ 10:35 AM

Despite wearing what appears to be a wedding or engagement ring on her finger for some time now, Ashlee Simpson told Fuse TV yesterday that she is not engaged to boyfriend Pete Wentz and is very definitely not pregnant. So what's with the ring?  Us magazine says:

…she confirmed it's a promise ring from her Fall Out Boy beau Pete Wentz.
"It just means that he hasn't asked my dad yet…" she explained on Fuse TV's The Sauce while promoting her upcoming album Bittersweet World.
Simpson also set the record straight on another issue: "No, I'm not pregnant," she declared.

So, see, there's no need to worry.  Their well deserved reputation as the worlds most boring famous couple is still in tact.  They could be out to dinner and order mashed potatoes, no, wait, french fries, yes french fries, and it would be the most intensely exciting thing they've ever done.  My heart is in my throat just thinking about it.  I think I need to walk around for a while with my hands over my head.  These two are a real roller coaster.


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  1. ObiWanKeNoobie 02/28/2008 11:32


  2. Scout 02/28/2008 11:32

    NOOOOoooo.  Dammit.  Second

  3. Sperm Germ 02/28/2008 11:32

    Pregnant, no. Engaged, no. Has contracted the Sperm Germ, Yes. I know Pete Weintz gave it to me, you fuckin poser, you still owe me new pillow cases from your fag eyeliner

  4. lady garden 02/28/2008 11:33

    hard to get pregnant when your boyfriend prefers ARSE

  5. Juan 02/28/2008 11:35

    "It just means that he hasn't asked paid my dad yet…" she explained.  "After Jessica, Daddy Joe swore we couldn't give it away any more.  Sorry, but no more free Simpson ass.  Except for Daddy Joe."


  6. BigFoot's Dick 02/28/2008 11:35

    A promise ring, America's gayest invention yet next to Pete "I take it in the can" Wentz. 

  7. Juan 02/28/2008 11:38

    Ashlee and Pete then departed on a safari to the Lost Jungle in an attempt to find the tattered remains of their "music" careers.



  8. Slaappy 02/28/2008 11:39

    99.9% of Red heads are tiger’s in the sack, I suspect Ashley here is the .01% that fucks up the percentage in this statement. Hot yes, bangable yes but your going to have to settle w/ boring Missionary

  9. JewishSurfer 02/28/2008 11:40

    I would like to thank American teenhood for turning these two fools into celebrities. I hope you end up in Iraq at some point.

  10. TheVanBurenBoyz 02/28/2008 11:41

    She actually looks pretty hot in that picture

  11. someoneluvsu 02/28/2008 11:42


    Within some faiths, promise rings are given to a young woman by her father, to signify a promise to remain a virgin only fuck daddy until marriage.



  12. Ballsnyc 02/28/2008 11:42

    her nose and his dick are the same length folks!

  13. pepper 02/28/2008 11:44

    can I say FAG!

       She really is one. He needs to get a job and grow a penis.

  14. Doctress Leisa 02/28/2008 11:45

    Ah, how cute–she's gone to the Christina Aguilera School of Makeup Application.

  15. FuzzyLumpkin 02/28/2008 11:46

    Is she sporting the new Amy Winehouse line of make-up? She just needs a few more inches on that liner…

  16. FuzzyLumpkin 02/28/2008 11:49

    D*mn it, Doctress…  Beat me to it…

  17. BabaBooey 02/28/2008 11:50

    I was gonna be a gay porn star and call myself Peter Went. Guess I waited too long.

    If the two most untalented, plain-looking, overrated celebrities in Horrywood hook up and produce an offspring, will it still have more talent than the parents?

    The sum is greater than the two parts.

    I think.

  18. Doctress Leisa 02/28/2008 11:53

    That's okay, Fuzzy–as we all know from a previous post, Amy is launching her new line of beauty products. Ashley is obviously her first customer. Now all she needs is a tramp stamp, a few missing teeth, running sores and a beehive full of angry spiders and the look will be complete!

    PS: You can say damn here. As well as shit, piss, cocksucker, motherfucker… 

  19. Silverback 02/28/2008 11:53

    Ashlee Simpson : Not Much of Anything.

  20. Random Poster 02/28/2008 11:58

    I gave my wife a promise ring.  a promise ring to shut the hell up!

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