By brendon February 11, 2008 @ 1:41 PM

That headline will be remembered by historians as the truest thing ever written, since to the best of my knowledge Megan Fox still dates Brian Austin Green, she'll show up for nonsense like the Visual Effects Society Awards (pictured) and she apparently spends her nights watching "Most Haunted" on the Travel Channel.  M&C says:

(She) got hooked on the programme when she was in London shooting upcoming movie 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People', and admits she can't get enough of the spooky series.
She said: "I'm absolutely obsessed with that show 'Most Haunted', and I love the host Yvette Fielding."
Megan tried to persuade her co-star Simon Pegg to take her on one of London's famous ghost tours, but he refused.
She said: "I wanted to go on the Jack the Ripper tour, but Simon wouldn't go with me, so I didn't go in the end."

First of all, I just lost all respect for Simon Pegg.  Not only is he co-starring in that movie ("How to…") with Kirsten Dunst, but Megan Fox begged him to go on a date and he said no.  I don't give a shit what the question is, if Megan Fox asks it, the answer is yes.  A chick that hot could ask me to go with her and poke hungry wild bears and here is how you would describe my evening the next day: poka, poka, poka.  

Second of all, "ghost hunter" has to be the worlds best job.  Their job is to find proof of ghosts and they never ever succeed.  Is there another job where you can fail 100 percent of the time and, not only keep your job, but be The Best.  They never ever find any ghosts, but they do seem to break a lot of stuff and never complete a sentence.  And for this they got a TV show.  It would be like if you were a pool boy, and instead of adding chlorine to peoples pools, you took a dump in their pool.  Are you fired for this?  No, in fact, you’re Number 1 baby!

BREAKING NEWS – according to her wiki page, Megan has taken a new lover.  Oh who could it be?!?!

NEW BREAKING NEWS – aw you people suck.  who changed it!

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    Pennsylvania's Finest 02/11/2008 14:05


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    yohnskull22 02/11/2008 14:06

    no fist her. that guilded butterfly.  he he he

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    Pennsylvania's Finest 02/11/2008 14:08

    he probably didn't want to date her, because even though she's as hot as fuck, she's nuttier than a pecan pie.

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    Tim 02/11/2008 14:08

    To compliment her shoulder tattoo, she has tats on her feet that read "socks first".

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    yohnskull22 02/11/2008 14:10

    Tim -

    She's not wearing socks…

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    DB's Treasure 02/11/2008 14:10

    She easily gives me mahogany 

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    yohnskull22 02/11/2008 14:12

    I think her ring is a cheetah print glass pipe.

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    DB's Treasure 02/11/2008 14:12

    So…..shitting in peoples' pools is bad? There go my summers!

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    Al Gore 02/11/2008 14:15

    Shes okay, she would be way hot with no pulse lying lifeless on a gurney just waiting for ol Al to give it to her good

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    Tim 02/11/2008 14:16

    Damn that illegible Olde English font. >:(

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    djtechsys 02/11/2008 14:20

    i'm still trying to figure out the whole BAG thing… one of the planet's hottest women dates, and lives with the planet's first wigger

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    Zack 02/11/2008 14:22

    I would just love get Meghan Fox alone with a Ouija board.  First, I'd push the pointer around so it spelled out "Give Zack a blowjob".  And then I'd get a blowjob.

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    bryce 02/11/2008 14:23

    Her tattoo says 'I'm with stupid' and then an arrow pointing to the back of her head.

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    PresidentNixon 02/11/2008 14:24

    Questions you always answer "yes" to:

    -When Megan Fox asks you out on a date

    -When anyone asks if you're a god

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    Slow Patrol 02/11/2008 14:25

    …she then went on to say how delicious McDonald's hamburgers are, entertaining Rachael Ray is and enormous my cock is.

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    djtechsys 02/11/2008 14:25

    RE: Wiki entry - pretty damned funny!

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    DB's Treasure 02/11/2008 14:26

    What the hell are "gilded butterflies"?

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    yohnskull22 02/11/2008 14:28


    I don't know but we'll all laugh at them.

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    Diremutt 02/11/2008 14:28

    Megan once asked me how far I could get a badger up my ass and I was all ike, "Geez Megan Fox, I don't know, but if you would like I'll try."

    I'm no sucker.

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    bryce 02/11/2008 14:29

    'guilded butterflies' is code for 'Black People'.

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