By brendon February 22, 2008 @ 1:32 PM

I was looking at these pictures of Megan Fox yesterday at the Versace Fashion Show for Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy, and noticed that there were no bloggers with near painful erections.  Needless to say, I swiftly put an end to that.

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    macaddct 02/22/2008 14:15

    That Marilyn Monroe face just ruins it…

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    edmarr 02/22/2008 14:15

    that is unreal

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    Sarcasto 02/22/2008 14:17

    Now THAT's a woman!  How bad do I want to glue those eyes shut?  Very bad…very bad…

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    Pennsylvania's Finest 02/22/2008 14:22

    she would be hotter without those stupid poem tats on her.  look at the first pic icon.  that guy in the back has awesome lamb chops.

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    dreamclaimer 02/22/2008 14:23

    She's tasty!

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    SuperB 02/22/2008 14:24

    id totally do her….

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    Juan 02/22/2008 14:25

    The eyes…they're just so empty

    It's like staring into the dark pit of despair.

    Consequently, only doggy-style for her.

    Oh, but then you have to read that stupid back tattoo.

    Oh forget it, guess I'll just change my name to Adnan and give Britney a whirl.


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    there's no troubles, bubbles 02/22/2008 14:26

    Jenna?  Jenna, is that you?

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    Fred Garvin 02/22/2008 14:26

    I would show her the power of my "stinkfist"…….

  10. avatar 02/22/2008 14:26

    is she using that lipstick plumper ive seen commercials about

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    TW 02/22/2008 14:27

    Juan, you fag. Just spackle over her eyes with your man mayo.

    I'd do that and cover all of her ugly tats, too.

    That is all.

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    The Ghost of Deano 02/22/2008 14:30

    Nah, this isnt doing it for me.  She looks clammy.  And those tits look fake.

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    Cardash 02/22/2008 14:31


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    Sarcasto 02/22/2008 14:32

    Guy – Do you know who I am?

    Me – Aren't you Chris Hanson from Dateline?

    Guy – Yes I am, and I think you use the screen name "Sarcasto" on a celebrity blog website "WWTDD".

    Me – Ah…yeah.  Good site, lots of funny stuff on there.

    Guy/Chris – Yeah.  Was it funny when you said "How bad do I want to glue those eyes shut?"

    Me – Well, you're taking that out of context.

    Chris – What does it mean to do that to someone?

    Me – <laughing nervously>

    Chris – What would your wife think if she heard you say that?  What if any of your clients knew of your identity as Sarcasto?

    Me – How would they?

    Chris – This is going to be on National TV.

    Me – <licks hand, slaps Chris on the face>  Niggers, Spics and Jews unite against the White Devil!

    Chris – CUT!  CUT!!  Let's get the fuck out of here! 


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    Baphomet 02/22/2008 14:32

    The new Angelina Jolie, only…without tits.


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    TW 02/22/2008 14:32

    I have King Crimson's "In the Court of the Crimson King" playing in the background as I ogle her pics. Appropriate, since if I win the Mega Millions ($270 mil), she can be my queen on my island…

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

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    TW 02/22/2008 14:33


    You wouldn't creme her Cadbury?

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    gangreen 02/22/2008 14:35

    ELVIS LIVES! pic one in the bkg.

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    TW 02/22/2008 14:37

    Smoking hot body — check!
    DSL's — check!
    Willy-nilly tattoos — check!
    Possibly Low Self-Esteem — check!
    Crazy ass relatives — check!

    TengoWood — check!

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    Cocksteady 02/22/2008 14:38

    TW says

    Smoking hot body — check!
    DSL's — check!
    Willy-nilly tattoos — check!
    Possibly Low Self-Esteem — check!
    Crazy ass relatives — check!


    Cocksteady — check!



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