USA Today has their annual list of the highest rated Super Bowl ads, and shockingly, Sales Genie isn't at the very bottom.  Somehow the Iron Man (very cool final 5 seconds) ad and the Doritos girl (good voice) were considered worse.  I don't know how.  Here's how I assume the marketing department at sales genie works. STEP 1. Take 3 million dollars. STEP 2. Pile it up. STEP 3. Throw it in the trash. Once again they had ads they were just woefully inept and awful, but this year they added scathing racism. I can't even put my finger on why this one is so racist, but I just know that it is. I assume it's the accent. Because here's the thing, pandas don't talk, so when you give one a chopsticky accent, it just looks like you're making fun of Asians. It would be like you drew a bundle of dynamite with an Arab accent or a had a gay guy masturbating at a basketball game. I'm not sure what those last two would be products for, (maybe bullets and serious dicking) but I don't know what the fuck panda bears have to do with sales leads either, so suck on that. 

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