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KENNY CHESNEY IS STUCK – Kenny Chesney injured his right foot during Saturday night’s concert in South Carolina when his foot was caught between the rising platform and the stage. As you can see in the video, he drops immediately to the ground as his foot is pinned between the press and the stage. Looks painful. Anyone know who the hell Kenny Chesney is, by the way?

WOW THIS SUCKS –  The father of former Saturday Night Live star Cheri Oteri was stabbed to death in his Nashville home Saturday.  Lucky guy.  Being stabbed repeatedly seems like a nice way to go. 

ASHLEY DUPRE IS MAD – The whore who brought down the governor of New York is suing Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild, because she appeared in a 2003 video, which has reemerged since she grabbed tabloid headlines two months ago.  She says Francis is exploiting her name and likeness without proper compensation.  So see, the real victim in all this was the whore.  Surprising, yes?

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