The fact that Ashlee Simpson is pregnant has been the worlds worst keep secret for at least a month.  The story broke around April 14th, and after 6 weeks of cutsey little denials, she and her husband Pete Wentz finally officially confirmed the news on Pete’s blog last night.  OK! says…

"While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child," announced Pete and new bride Ashlee, using her new last name for the first time, on the Fall Out Boy bassist's web site, "This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family."

OK! goes on to say that Ashlee and Pete have already shot footage that they are shopping around for their own version of "Newlyweds", the reality show that chronicled Jessica Simpsons fist (!) few years of marriage.   When asked for a comment, one person who is me said, "That sounds fucking stupid.  Instead of that someone should make a show where some indian gives these two guys a treasure map, and the two guys go all over the world to find the treasure.  And one of them has a tender tummy and he gets really bad diarrhea all the time.  The show could be called 'Waiting For Frank'.  Or something.  I haven't worked out all the beats just yet.  And also there's an Asian girl with big tits.  That would be a good show."

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