By brendon May 16, 2008 @ 5:48 AM

Short, skinny, blond hair, big tits, great voice, married to a normal guy, and almost never makes it on to stupid pages like this for anything bad.  The only way Christina Aguilera could be any more awesome is if she were the leader of a government team of black op assassins.

(picture source = splash news online)

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    tajmccall 05/16/2008 06:04

    Now only if she didn't look like a tranny…

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    kittenpuncher69 05/16/2008 06:06

    i has a belly button

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    TW 05/16/2008 06:06

    I'd like to give that shineface some "black ops". 
    Was that out loud?! Shit!

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    TW 05/16/2008 06:07

    you're telling me you wouldn't want to plop her o yo' stick and work her like a puppet?

    c'mon! She looks like a dirty, dirty whore. Treat her like one. That is all.

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    Dr Drew 05/16/2008 06:09

    we should offer her services up as relief aid to China, she can breastfeed any orphaned infants in China for weeks!

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    PinchingHelmet 05/16/2008 06:17

    mmm vein-y boobs are delish

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    PinchingHelmet 05/16/2008 06:18

    My squid is telling me we'd still ink that!

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    TW 05/16/2008 06:19

    awesome avi of Busey.

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    PapaRod 05/16/2008 06:22

    Oh what I wouldn't give to motorboat those mammary glands

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    Quinlan 05/16/2008 06:23

    I find it ironic that the one who was referred to as "dirty X-Tina" five years ago has more class, still in shape, and hasn't blown all of her cash on a trashy boy-toy.  Just goes to show you not to underestimate certain women!

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    Alan 05/16/2008 06:23

    Creamy and milky with bulging blue veins and deep dark nipples.  Childbirth is proof she doesn't (always) swallow or take in on the face. 

    If I behave myself in this life maybe I'll be reincarnated as her husband.

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    someoneluvsu 05/16/2008 06:23


    I available for this week's naked Sunday.   

    Call me 

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    ososexilexi 05/16/2008 06:23

    Too bad those puppies are going to deflate as soon as she's finished breast feeding.

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    Quinlan 05/16/2008 06:24

    Also, why do I have a taste for cookies all of a sudden?

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    Dirty Hairy 05/16/2008 06:24

    Early morning milk jugs…nice!

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    Peachy 05/16/2008 06:24

    Gary: Fastman, let me tell you mah story, man. Last year, I was insane for this crazy little 8th grade bitch.

    Old man: Crazy? Insane?

    Fastman: Insane? Crazy?

    Gary: I was nuts for the woman, man…now you gotta believe me…I'm tellin' the truth here…I'm speakin' to you…I was nuts for the girl.

    Gary: I was nuts for the girl….and what did it to me was these big titties she had.

    Fastman: Big titties…haha!

    Gary: She wouldn't have to worry about no titties for the rest of her life, boy, you know she was set and she was lookin' gooood son!

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    TW 05/16/2008 06:25

    Worst pain there is…

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    Burnsy 05/16/2008 06:26

    I'd suck her dick.

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    TW 05/16/2008 06:26


    Long time, yo! 
    Nothing like a nice set on a little bitch to bring out the dead, no?

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    SCBitch 05/16/2008 06:27

    I just love the way her purse matches her bra.

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