By brendon May 01, 2008 @ 8:53 AM

Christina Aguilera left the kid at home and got trashed last night at Crown Bar in West Hollywood. She could barely walk as she left and had to get help from her husband Jordan Bratman, in a scene that looked very much like these pictures from 2006.  Also similar to 2006: my skull and crossbones scarf and black nail polish.  Why do the trends keep changing!


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  1. Doctress Leisa 05/01/2008 09:25

    Drunk my ass–Jordan slipped her a roofie. It's the only explanation for why she fucks this bridge troll.

  2. Mo 05/01/2008 09:25

    So she goes out once every two years? Damn, girl. SLOW DOWN!


  3. isitjustme 05/01/2008 09:26

    she just had a baby, correct? then why the fuck is she out getting drunk?

    say hello to the new britney. 

  4. Alan 05/01/2008 09:27

    I love all entries with "fun" in the title.

    Lose the fake eyelashes, sweetie.  But keep the milky tits.

  5. Ball Que 05/01/2008 09:28

    Her boobs look chunky.

  6. Evil Malcom Norris 05/01/2008 09:28

    WTF is she wearin' ?!

  7. SCBitch 05/01/2008 09:30

    Oh boy I'd love to see her this morning, all hung over, make up smeared everywhere, fake eyelashes hanging off.  I hope the baby kept her up all night when she got home!

  8. Tony Pepperoni 05/01/2008 09:34

    love her chioce to go with the fakies.  I'm not the only one who likes them… Ellen… I'm looking in your direction

  9. Mongro Jackson 05/01/2008 09:35

    She's a grade A candidate for ass rape.  Mongro Jackson done said so.

  10. I HAVE NO AVATAR 05/01/2008 09:36

    I knew it! Bitch got married too soon, now she's fucking dudes on the side and using her brand new giant knobs to get free drinks at the bars.

    I love her.

  11. Jake 05/01/2008 09:46

    I'd do her as long as she did not speak to me

  12. Angela 05/01/2008 09:49

    That baby probably got pretty trashed too.

  13. tangocash00001 05/01/2008 09:53

    i don't even know why her stupid husband goes out. i would just stay home every night and fuck those tits

  14. The Wind 05/01/2008 09:53

    In that last pic, I think that she used her drunken-style kung-fu to narrowly avoid a karate chop from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It's like a chopsocky flick in here!

  15. Perry 05/01/2008 09:59

    How does the baby nurse on those pierced breasts?

  16. Jerkin Z. Gherkin 05/01/2008 10:03

    At least Jordan's purse matches his outfit and shoes. I wonder what he keeps in there?  Cash and matzos maybe…

  17. hotbox 05/01/2008 10:10

    I realise that none of you have probably even looked that high up but… her hair is fucking rank. Can't she afford a hairstylist?

  18. pepper 05/01/2008 10:11


      An all American Slut.

       Notice the red white and blue?

  19. kafkakebab 05/01/2008 10:11

    Anyone else notice Natalie from "SURVIVOR" bringing up the rear?  Rumor has it she never stopped playing the game……………….

  20. Juan 05/01/2008 10:12

    She's just living up to that song she sang, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

    What, that wasn't her?  Next thing, you'll be telling me she isn't the one who did "Like a Virgin," or "It's Raining Men."


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