Pete Wentz and his sexy new wife Ashlee Simpson left the house yesterday and walked around like this.  With Pete wearing a paper plate over his face.  Get it?  Because I don’t.  Suffice to say, it wasn’t funny.  It barely even qualifies as stupid.  It’s just confusing.  But I’m willing to bet these idiots chuckled and snorted for a good 20 minutes before they stepped outside.  "Are you really going to do it I can’t believe your going to do it!"  "Oh my god, this is going to be so funny!"   I just hope he stops here.  My funny bone can only take so much of his kitchen-related hilarity.  If he were to walk out with cookies over his eyes, or a spatula for a hand, I may lose it.  God forbid he discover the spinning bow tie.  I might literally die.

(full size picture here, another pic here)

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