By brendon June 11, 2008 @ 9:17 AM

It’s not clear how long Ashlee Simpson has been pregnant (best guess is about 4 months) but she was at RenMar Studios in Hollywood yesterday in a flowing dress that hid as much as she could.  Except for her now huge rack.  Which she thankfully showed off.  It’s a solid plan.  As long as girls show their boobs people don’t really notice much else.  She could have a woodpecker on her head and I wouldn’t notice for at least an hour, if ever. 

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    MLM 06/11/2008 09:50


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    jellybaby 06/11/2008 09:52

    yay, boobies!

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    ososexilexi 06/11/2008 09:52

    Her sister's tits still have her beat by an easy mile.

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    MaZ 06/11/2008 09:52


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    scum 06/11/2008 09:55

    I want to know what the ugly broad in black has been doing to her knees.

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    scum 06/11/2008 09:56

    That purse is so hardcore punk. Grrrr.

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    scum 06/11/2008 09:56

    And thier toenails match.

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    scum 06/11/2008 09:57

    Even big milk filled boobies cant save this post.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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    The Fried Man 06/11/2008 09:58

    Milk was a baaaadd choice!

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    Not too bright 06/11/2008 10:01

    Woodpecker?  What woodpecker? 

    Ohhh….thaaaaat woodpecker. 

    No.  Not made of wood, but thanks for noticing.

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    DB's Treasure 06/11/2008 10:02

    If so many retards didn't like this twat's music she'd just be another open cold sore I'd hit on at last call. This chick, along with her entire family, is completely worthless. 

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    THE O.G. HATER 06/11/2008 10:02

    Lexi's are still better. Plus I wanna kick Ashlee "No Talent Lip Singing Goldiggin Whorebag" Simpson in her vagina.

    She must have the all time Douchebag Dater record. Well maybe Firecrotch has her on that one, the dude she's dating now kinda looks effeminate ya know?

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    Habitual Line Stepper 06/11/2008 10:04

    Well, good morning ladies.

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    ososexilexi 06/11/2008 10:04

    Four months? Yeah right. The bitch looks barely knocked up. But I believe it. If it's actually possible to be impregnated by Pete Wentz, pussy that he is, I imagine the child will be a midget and thus quite easy for Ashlee to carry without gaining too much weight.

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    THE O.G. HATER 06/11/2008 10:08

    Well actually trhe same could be said for the chick Ashlee married…

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    tangocash00001 06/11/2008 10:10

    i bet her dad is happy, more jerk off material

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    scum 06/11/2008 10:12

    I cant wait till she gets a hardcore tattoo of my hand prints around her neck.

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    yohnskull22 06/11/2008 10:13

    I love it that these talentless cunts are shoved into our faces even though they offer absolutely nothing of value.

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    ososexilexi 06/11/2008 10:14

    Ashlee: Maybe if I put on these huge sunglasses and shove my cleavage in their faces, they'll think I'm Jessica and I won't have to feel like the ugly duckling anymore!

    Pete: Yeah, that's so much better than my plate over the face idea!

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    Paleomiz 06/11/2008 10:16

    Apparently what you call a "huge rack" I'd call "chicken cutlets"

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