The myspace fight between Lily Allen and Perez Hilton went into round 2 yesterday, when Lily updated to answer some of Hiltons accusations.  The highlights are this: Hilton said Lily was pissed at her record label, Capitol, because they’re promoting Katy Perry, whoever the fuck that is.  Lily replied by saying of course Capitol was promoting Katy because Katy is new and Lily hasn’t had a record out on two years.  Perez called her a liar and idiot. Touché!  Then Lily wrote:

"I am not a liar Pee pEe.  how can I possibly have been to Capitols office in the last year when my visa to get into the states was only granted three weeks ago. there is no Capitol office in LA as far as I know and I certainly haven't been to New York in the past few days.  you should know, you've documented my every move since I got here.  And many people ask to have their photos taken with me, I don't keep a record of peoples names . You wouldn't understand that though, you can probably remember the names and faces of all seven fans that turned up to your clothing line signing the other day.

According to a story Hollywood Grind did on that Hot Topic signing, seven may be generous.  Regardless, Hilton put down his bacon long enough to threaten her and stamp his fat feet like the narcissistic sociopath queen he truly is.  

You're obviously an idiot!  How could you not know that your U.S. label, Capitol Records, has an office in Los Angeles????  In fact, their building is one of the most iconic structures in Hollywood!Did we also mention that you're a liar?
He mentions the famous Capitol Records building and calls her an idiot, but somehow forgets to mention that it’s no longer the Capitol Records building.  It was sold two years ago to a New York firm called Argent ventures.  But the point to all this is this picture, which Lily made (saved as chubbshiltonartwork.jpg) and even used as her myspace icon for a brief while yesterday.  The lesson to be learned here is, don’t fuck with Lily Allen.  The only way she could own him any more is if she wacked him on the head with a shovel and then buried him alive.

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