By brendon June 05, 2008 @ 6:54 AM

INF Daily has some pictures today of Madonna leaving her gym in London, so good news if you like pictures of sinewy half naked old ladies.  This bitch is wasting her time.  If I were this rich and this old I would just have my brain put inside a 60 foot robot.  It just seems logical.  I would also wear a brand new tophat everyday.  I'm rich, why not live a little.

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    Tony Pepperoni 06/05/2008 07:10


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    Alan 06/05/2008 07:11

    Who remembers when she was pretty?

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    ososexilexi 06/05/2008 07:13

    She's bordering on becoming just as repulsive as Sarah Jessica Parker.

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    lady garden 06/05/2008 07:13

    i bet she wears a strap on

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    DaJabroni 06/05/2008 07:14

    Get a haircut ya hippy!

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    Lady Stardust 06/05/2008 07:15

     Get over yourself, Madge. Nobody cares.

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    brian11 06/05/2008 07:16

    damn… worse than her daughters unibrow

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    dresstokill 06/05/2008 07:16

    geez this old hag is annoying… no one wants to see you fuckin old fart..

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    Paleomiz 06/05/2008 07:17

    Madonna likes her roots as she likes her men: Big, black, and splitting her skull in two.

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    tangocash00001 06/05/2008 07:22

    when did Carl Lewis turn white and grow his hair out.

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    yohnskull22 06/05/2008 07:23

    A material,

    A material,

    A material,



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    CaptainSizzle 06/05/2008 07:30

    Given that Madge is a Gazillionaire, one might think it proper to get a better hair stylist, fix her gapped teeth and buy some decent clothes.

    However, she lives in England where NONE of that shit is important and she can blend right in with the masses.

    My daddy always told me, "Son, you can't take chicken shit and make chicken salad". I believe this applies to Madge x2.

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    Slaappy got fingered 06/05/2008 07:33

    Yeah take her kid to get her eyebrows waxed while your doing your roots SLUT!

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    penny_dreadful 06/05/2008 07:35

    she looks like a he-man doll. i wish her spring action arms would snap stiffly up and down and whomp Justin Timberlake on the head. Just like He-Man used to do to my Barbies when they didn't have his dinner ready when he got home.

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    yohnskull22 06/05/2008 07:37

    Are Madonna, Angelina, and Brad the celebutards that threatened to move out of the US if Bush got elected again in 2004?

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    Harenmahkeester 06/05/2008 07:40

    Just think how good that TOE probably looks, though.  Rawwwwr!

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    JackAzz 06/05/2008 07:41

    We need some T&A on this site!  A message to all Hollywood hotties………show us your tits!!!!!  Or your pussy……whatever you want, we need it here!!!!

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    pepper 06/05/2008 07:48

    Magina and Jessica Parker are twins…

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    SCBitch 06/05/2008 07:48

    Oh yeah, it’s thursday, isn’t it, doc. Boobs day.

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    Mac-Daddy 06/05/2008 07:55


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