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"The Dark Knight", boosted by breathless major reviews and Heath Ledgers final kick ass performance, earned almost 160 million in the US and another 40 million overseas for a weekend that broke 9 major box office records, including the two big ones, Biggest Single Day ever (67.85 million) and Biggest Opening Weekend ever (155.340). Deadline Hollywood says:

SUNDAY 8PM UPDATE: I've just been told by unofficial sources that Warner Bros' The Dark Knight is playing to packed Sunday performances for over $40M and maybe as high as $43M. That would mean a 9th record for the latest Batman installment since Spider-Man 3's Sunday take in 2007 was a record-setting $39.9M. It's also now abundantly clear that the Warner Bros caped crusader will crush the old 3-day weekend non-holiday record set by Spider-Man 3 last year. Also, Dark Knight should break its 9th record by beating the all-time weekly tally. Meanwhile, in its first six days, DK will have grossed more than the entire run of director Chris Nolan's first installment Batman Begins.

Everything Ledger did in this movie was fucking awesome.  "And here we go" is not an amazing line.  Picture that on the page.  It's just four little words.  Ledger made it awesome. "Why so serious," is an empty, ordinary line.  Ledger made it great.  This sucks.  I can’t believe he’s dead.  Most actors fucking suck.  There’s only like 7 good ones.  Now there are 6.  Now pretty idiots like Channing Tatum will ruin more of my movies, reading lines like his script had the dialog written upside down and backwards.  Channing, if you're reading this, and later today you feel a pop inside your head, it's because I just threw a rock at the back of your skull.  Hey, look, over here, it's me, Brendon, from that website. You Suck.

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