By brendon August 07, 2008 @ 7:40 AM

The Internet is a magical place, where all your dreams can and do come true.  Especially if you’re dream is to see Christian Aguilera with tits photoshopped onto her.  For some reason this very old picture is everywhere today.  It's from March Fake of 200Fake.  Hey look, and this is Jessica Alba, TOTALLY NAKED!  Get it.  Do you see what I did there?

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    Big Smelly Dirt Cock 08/07/2008 07:59

    What's blue and makes Christina Aguilera scream?

    Me in my special blue rape cloak.

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    Paleomiz 08/07/2008 08:00

    Jesus, those tits don't even look like they are in the same universe as Christina Aguilera

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    reggid 08/07/2008 08:02

    My dream would be to have someone photoshop this ugly tramp out of the picture entirely.

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    ososexilexi 08/07/2008 08:02

    If I was into midgets, I'd totally fuck her.

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    Slaappy got fingered 08/07/2008 08:05

    2nd pic, how do I get a job as Peanut?

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    Mac-Daddy 08/07/2008 08:09

    I have no usefull comment for this!

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    Burnsy 08/07/2008 08:09

    This is obviously a Verizon ad.

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    Just the Tip 08/07/2008 08:13

    Hmmm… Norman Rockwell like boobage for the morning…  Ok, ok… close.  Kinda on the right track here.  Let's fine tune that a bit now though.

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    ohmwrecker 08/07/2008 08:15

    Nice job on the Alba pic! I can work with that.

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    Avatar 08/07/2008 08:16

    The Alba one is a pretty good job for a bad job. But I don't care. You could photoshop those tits and that puss on a hippopotamus and call it Jessica Alba, I'd still get a little woody-wood-wood.

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    Just the Tip 08/07/2008 08:18

    Hey slaapy – are you competing with scum now for the "Hottie Avi of the Day"?  The boy usually has quite the prime selection, but you're putting up a good effort there my friend.

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    Rick (with a silent P) 08/07/2008 08:18

    According to lexi: "If I was into midgets, I'd totally fuck her."

    If I happened to be into watching midget/normal-sized lesbian interaction, I'd totally watch that…what am I saying…I'm a heterosexual guy…of course I'm into that…where do I send the money for the DVD?

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    Observer 08/07/2008 08:18

    I believe that "photo-shopping" is merely an updated form of the concept of "poetic license".


    ….and doesn't poetry call out to ALL mankind?


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    TW 08/07/2008 08:19

    Alba's look close. Not so sure on Aguilera's.
    Especially since Christian is a man's name, and all.

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    gotdang 08/07/2008 08:19

    What a creepy-feeling photo.  That kid will be scarred for life.

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    Topper (Harry) Harley 08/07/2008 08:27

    All the time spent viewing the twins seems to have improved your eyesight TW. 

    Quite the opposite of what I expected. 

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    Just the Tip 08/07/2008 08:27

    <== Olsen Twins  (the way they should be)

    …and no match for the Brazilian Twins

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    leftnutofjesus 08/07/2008 08:28

    look at the homely bitch in the orange to the right.  holy shit.  that's what i'd be sinking my meat into.  some fresh and unobliterated pussy.

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    ohmwrecker 08/07/2008 08:29

    I love how that girl in the orange tank top look sofreaked out to be next to naked Christina. She's actually clenching her fist.

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    Observer 08/07/2008 08:30


    Homely girls NEED ass-wreckage, too.

    I like to see myself as somewhat of an "ecumenical" fucker (though not by choice). 

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