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The U.S. Attorney's Office has officially closed its investigation into the death of Heath Ledger.  He died on January 22nd of this year after an accidental overdose of prescription drugs for pain, anxiety and sleep.  Despite rumors to the contrary all week, Mary Kate Olsen (who was the first person called when Ledgers body was found, even before 911) was not forced to testify and no charges will be filed against her.  It may seem weird that a relatively simple investigation took almost 8 months to conclude.  And it may seem weird because it is. TMZ says:

Sources connected with the Heath Ledger investigation say the Drug Enforcement Administration set a new low for starfucking.People who have talked to TMZ off the record are now willing to go on record — still anonymously — about one of the most bizarre DEA power grabs ever.How's this for starters … no one we've spoken with connected with the case can point to a single DEA case where a massive investigation was launched over an accidental death in which no criminality was even hinted at.We know the DEA went all over the country, in one case tracking down a guy in California who smoked a joint with Ledger in the '90's, telling him he had to testify in a Grand Jury probe. And how's this for chutzpah … the DEA told the guy he would have to pay his own way to NYC to testify before the Grand Jury!As for the U.S. Attorney's office, were told officials they were appalled at what they felt was a "bogus" investigation. Our sources say the U.S. Attorney finally had enough and shut down the entire investigation — an investigation the DEA desperately wanted to go before a grand jury.

I can’t believe our jackass government took this long to investigate this.  Thank god Ledger wasn’t shot. They would have spent 100 million dollars and then said it turns out he wasn’t bulletproof.

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