By brendon August 14, 2008 @ 10:57 AM

In November, Jennifer Love Hewitt took some famous pictures in Hawaii (these pictures) showing that she had gained like 1800 pounds.  It was amazing.  And in her defense, she said she was a size 2 and there’s nothing wrong with her body.  And to prove she meant what she said, she then immediately went on an insane diet.  Wait, what?  Us magazines cover story says…

Now, the Ghost Whisperer star has the last laugh.
In the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, the 32-year-old shows off the new body she got after just 10 weeks and her trainer reveals to Us exclusively how she lost 18 pounds.
"I am in a pretty good workout regimen that I like, so it inspired me to keep it up," Hewitt tells Us. "The energy level and the way I feel now is great."

Whatever.  You’re not fooling me big ass.  The picture they have of her on the cover proves nothing.  I want her to recreate her Hawaii trip shot for shot, and I want her to put things next to her ass so I have a sense of perspective, like a Coke can and a football.  I know this sounds extreme, but don't you kid yourself, Jennifer Love Hewitt would eat you and everyone you care about if given the chance.  The only language they understand is aggression.

UPDATE – these pictures, Splash exclusives by the way, were taken July 30th, and she looks just as fat as ever.  So she and her MySpace angle magazine cover need to try again.


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  1. Big Smelly Dirt Cock 08/14/2008 10:15

    Fat ass or not I'd still like to live in it for a few days just to finally satisfy some old hard-ons of yore.

  2. Chunk 08/14/2008 10:20

    Yeah, I kinda liked her big ass.  I think I said I wanted put oil on my dick and run it up and down the crack of her ass.  I stand by that statement. 

  3. maddona_kebabsoff 08/14/2008 10:20

    3 comment

  4. MaleBoy_ShaunDeWet 08/14/2008 10:22

    Ah, common guys. She was my all time babe in the 90s. Why the hate?


    I would hit it with a big ass or not. As long as she keeps her nice face. 

  5. Paleomiz 08/14/2008 10:22

    her trainer reveals to Us exclusively how she lost 18 pounds

    "She paid me a lot of money to say she lost 18 pounds"

  6. pump 08/14/2008 10:24

    So where the fuck is the US magazine cover? Do I have to go to a grocery store and pretend to but something to look at it or are you going to put it instead of the current banner picture?


  7. Slaappy got fingered 08/14/2008 10:25

    Ah, common guys. She was my all time babe in the 90s. Why the hate?


    Because it is 2008 and she lost her looks and married Jared the subway guy 

  8. pump 08/14/2008 10:26

    Ok I'm taking it back, you gave the link to US page, and there are no bikini pictures!

  9. Mongro Jackson 08/14/2008 10:28

    She still has the hottest face I've ever seen.  I'd whoop that trick fo' sheez my neezy.

  10. Burch 08/14/2008 10:32

    Still would, no question.

  11. pepper 08/14/2008 10:33

    Ay, Mami, que culo grande!

    Pero no me gusta… 

    Donde esta el cabron de Penis

  12. Zack 08/14/2008 10:33

    I had dinner in a restaurant in Irvine the other night where our sexy little Asian waitress claimed to be a Size 1.  And honestly, her total body mass was probably less than one of JLH's thighs. So god only knows where JLH got that Size 2 bullshit from.

  13. Tennessee Tuxedo 08/14/2008 10:34

    That cover picture looks so real.  Congratulations to JLH on an amazing 10 week diet, working hard with a personal trainer, and hiring someone to do 8 hours of Photoshop.

  14. MaleBoy_ShaunDeWet 08/14/2008 10:35

    Who for Christ sake is Jared? The Maitre d' at Canal Bar?

    She must keep the good looks she in the movie "Heartbreakers". Common! With that body, who wouldn't hit her Big time? Perfect face, nice hair and eyes.


    But I must admit. I was stunned seeing her big popo in Hawaii. I was like a big fat kid, where an adult grabs my fatburger at the moment I bite, with the words:" Trust me! It's only for your best!" 

  15. Paleomiz 08/14/2008 10:37

    So god only knows where JLH got that Size 2 bullshit from.

    She has her personal trainer sew size 2 tags in all of her clothes. Otherwise, she might see the size 8 and commit suicide

  16. thedirtycajun 08/14/2008 10:37

    jennifer ate through it.


    that is all

  17. snappy.vajayjay 2.0 08/14/2008 10:37

    "We know what you ate this summer, Love – everything!" TMZ.com notoriously wrote.

     Oh that's just terrrrible! 

    chunky butt.

  18. The Ghost of Deano 08/14/2008 10:38

    If this is true, then all I can say is:

    1. Who cares

    2. Who cares

    3. Who cares 

  19. The Fried Man 08/14/2008 10:43

    Nothing wrong with a little cushion for the pushin'

  20. Paleomiz 08/14/2008 10:43

    Celine Dion looks great!

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