By brendon September 03, 2008 @ 11:48 AM

I’ve never been able to figure out if Christina Ricci is hot or not, because she looks so different every time I see her.  And these pictures from over the weekend in Malibu don’t help any because they're filled with hip young people frolicking in the water, laughing and smiling.  It’s distracting.  It’s like a Coke commercial.  

(picture source = inf daily)


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  1. Big Smelly Dirt Cock 09/03/2008 13:21

    My penis personally approves of those pictures.

    And she'd be even hotter if it wasn't for that retarded tit tattoo.


  2. Tud 09/03/2008 13:21

    they're.  THEY'RE.  And yes, do Christina.

  3. Emmalee 09/03/2008 13:24

    I bet she would be a great friend to have around.  You could always reapply your lipgloss in her fivehead if you don't have a mirror handy.

  4. The Wind 09/03/2008 13:24

    Gah! When did she get that trailer park tit tattoo? I used to love her unconditionally, but then she had to go and introduce conditions! I'd happily tip stick a 20 in her g-string now if it meant she'd blow me in the back of a strip club, but there's no way I can take her home to meet mom now. 

  5. Brandon103 09/03/2008 13:25

    nice – loved her when i was a kid – not so much in Black Snake Moan

  6. pepper 09/03/2008 13:26

    Where is the TOESTILLA?

  7. Oprah's Dick 09/03/2008 13:26

    If you're not sure if Christina Ricci is hot, but think Jennifer Garner is "not bad," U R GAY.

  8. Brandon103 09/03/2008 13:26

    pic 8 – does she have JACK tat'd on her leg?

  9. DravenX23 09/03/2008 13:27

    Didn't she have huge boobs? Am I thinking of the wrong person?

  10. heart rob 09/03/2008 13:27

    not hot

  11. ohmwrecker 09/03/2008 13:29

    Duh! I wanted to fuck Christina Ricci even when she was fat.
    You can bitch about her tattoos all you want, but remember this . . . tattoos = anal.

  12. ososexilexi 09/03/2008 13:31

    Remember back when she used to have curves? I wonder when she last ate without forcing herself to regurgitate immediately after swallowing. My bet's on when she was filming The Adams Family.

  13. Just the Tip 09/03/2008 13:32

    Fuck that – HOT.  Completely fuckable… a lot.  Smaller tits, tatts, and overly round head… fuck it, it all looks good drenched in my Love Lotion.

    She was better with the meatier, softer side, before she started going the way of the Olsens.

    Black Snake Moan?  Yeah.  Completely strokeable.  Fuck off if you don't agree.

    I'd throw this one around the room, and use her to smack Lilly Allen around – and they'd both LOVE IT!

  14. ohmwrecker 09/03/2008 13:33

    heart rob, are you the ghey?

  15. LonghornMike 09/03/2008 13:33

    I'd pin her cankles back behind her ears..

  16. pepper 09/03/2008 13:33

    If you're not sure if Christina Ricci is hot, but think Jennifer Garner is "not bad," U R GAY.


    If anyone knows about FAGOLAS, it's Oprah…… 

  17. ohmwrecker 09/03/2008 13:34

    Christina Ricci at her plumpy fucking best?

    Buffalo ’66

  18. LonghornMike 09/03/2008 13:34

    tattoos = anal

    Einstein's 2nd most famous equation, behind E=mc(squared)

  19. Tito's Abdomen 09/03/2008 13:34

    Hot, for a hobbit.

  20. leftnutofjesus 09/03/2008 13:35

    who is that knobslobber chasing her on the beach?

    back in the day, knobslobbers wore do-rags like tupac and it was .25% cool if you were a douchebag.

    that's not even a do-rag.  it's a fag-rag.

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