By brendon September 11, 2008 @ 9:24 AM

The Jonas Brothers have a lot to learn about being famous celebrities.  In fact everyone at the VMAs this year were pretty low key with the dressing room riders.  

(Christina Aguilera’s) demands reportedly included four black bath towels and a dressing room decked out with vanilla-scented candles, not to mention a space heater and two bottles of Verve Clique champagne to give her a little kick before the show.
The Jonas Brothers are said to have insisted on apple juice at room temperature for their backstage needs and added eight Red Bull Sugar free beverages, plus 6 regular Red Bulls and 24 pieces of California sushi rolls as part of their dressing room package.

These guys are fags.  I would have been like Alfred Molina in Boogie Nights.  High as fuck in just a bathrobe, a shirtless Japanese boy throwing fire crackers, peacocks, guns, sirens, some hot Asian girl with big tits dressed as a snow bunny.  Just total madness.  I like to think if I were famous I would request all that stuff.  I request that stuff now it's just no one gives it to me.  Fuckers.

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    Big Smelly Dirt Cock 09/11/2008 09:28

    Yeah, what pussies.  If they're not elbow deep in teenage pussy every night then I've lost all respect for them.  And since I never had any respect for them in the first place, they can really go fuck themselves.

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    mom2ross 09/11/2008 09:29

    Hardcore people (like me) can handle their apple juice cold, damnit!  RAWR!!

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    brooklyn 09/11/2008 09:29

    The gay one's my favorite.


    What do you mean "Which one is the gay one?" The GAY one. RIGHT THERE. The one with the fruity hair and stupid clothes. The GAY ONE. Oh I give up.

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    readykilowatt 09/11/2008 09:30

    When did Hansen go Jewish?

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    dirtydiane 09/11/2008 09:31

    Why does that one on the right always look like he's had a rock hard turd stuck in his ass for days?

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    grapeape 09/11/2008 09:31

    I have no idea who the jonas brothers are.

    here are some titties: 

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    RemSteale 09/11/2008 09:32

    They have promise rings for gods sake. What do you expect, snorting lines of coke from a transexual Filipino hookers ass crack whilst being ass fucked with a strap on by Lindsay Lohan?

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    MaleBoy_ShaunDeWet 09/11/2008 09:35

    They don't look very maleboyish for me. So screw 'em.

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    Just the Tip 09/11/2008 09:35

    I said NO brown fucking M&M'S!!!!!

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    Just the Tip 09/11/2008 09:37

    mom… did you… uhhh… did you just… roar?  "RAWR!!"?  Really?

    That.  Is.  Hot.

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    Paleomiz 09/11/2008 09:37

    I'll bet they have been saving their virginity for marriage by having some really steamy circlejerks

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    PollyAnna 09/11/2008 09:37

    DD, he looks like that because he has girls throwing themselves at him 24/7 and isn't getting any of it. They have probably also been told they will go blind if the masturbate.

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    PollyAnna 09/11/2008 09:38


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    Cardash 09/11/2008 09:39

    Verve Clique?



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    MaleBoy_ShaunDeWet 09/11/2008 09:40

    Kudos to the guy in the background. He mocks them with the "suck dick?" handsign. Thats why they look unsecure.

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    mom2ross 09/11/2008 09:40

    You know it, JTT!

    Diane - we may now know what the room temperature apple juice is for.

    Rem - that was in Christina Aguilera's dressing room, silly.

    Doc- all about Canada, I'm sure.


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    dirtydiane 09/11/2008 09:41

    50% of The Beatles rolled over in their grave when they heard the Jonas Homos refer to themselves as the *new* Beatles.

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    Observer 09/11/2008 09:43

    I would insist on an internet video camera link to the dressing rooms of Aguilera, Spears, and Madonna a dead cat.

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    dirtydiane 09/11/2008 09:44

    And seriously with the ties?  When's the last fucking time you've seen a teenage boy willingly put on a tie?

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    Observer 09/11/2008 09:44

    I wanted to save my virginity for marriage…..but nobody will marry me.

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