By brendon October 07, 2008 @ 3:17 PM

All right, so, earlier this morning, everyone confirmed what was on here yesterday, namely that Holly from "Girls Next Door" has broken up with Hugh Hefner.  Meaning Hef is no longer dating any of the original Girls Next Door.  That is not to say that Hef isn’t stabbin any teen kitty.  In fact he’s tappin the two twins in the picture above, and they’re probable candidates for the next season of Girls Next Door.  Their names are Kristina and Karissa Shannon (myspaces here and here and here).  They are 19, from Tampa, Florida, haven’t been in Playboy yet, but have shot their Playmate pictorial, which will be in the magazine later this year, probably the Christmas issue.

There's another girl named Crystal McCahill (last 6 pictures, myspace here) who may or may not be in line for the show.  I’ve had one say she is, two say she is not.  I'm more inclined to believe the ones who say’s she is not.  She has huge tits, but she's not blond, and that may hold her back.  Love can be funny sometimes.    

Another possible candidate for GND is Kelly Carrington, the October Playmate of the month.  This is her on the cover here, more pictures here.  She’s immensely hotter than anyone else motioned here, unless you count the times I wrote “I”.

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    beeper 10/07/2008 16:36


     I totally want to bang that huge titted brunette!!!

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    OGWiseman 10/07/2008 16:39

    I'm not normally the jealous type, but fuck Hugh Hefner and his perfect-blond-model-fucking life. I used to love Hef because I aspired to be like him and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy, but fuck him right up the ass at this point. I can't even get a regular girl to fuck me, and he's got perfect blond twins lining up to tongue his haggard old balls. Hef ain't a role model, he's a reminder of my own failure and celibate shame.

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    JewishSurfer 10/07/2008 16:39

    "That is not to say that Hef isn’t stabbin any teen kitty."

    Umm,  yeah it is unless these girls are guys, and they're on the videos that Hefner masturbates to. He hasn't boned any of the first three GND given Madison is cheating, Kendra is engaged to some other dude and the other one hasn't had sex in years. Now we're expected to believe Hefner is fucking other women? Sure we are…

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    hoodrat 10/07/2008 16:44

    Ummm… i think those twins may be too young for hef — they don't appear to have any hair on their womanly parts yet. And isn't he …like…old? Like 40 or something? Ewwww

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    Handsome Devil 10/07/2008 16:54

    I'm guessing Hefner couldn't get it up even if he ate Viagra like they were Skittles.  The deal is:  In exchange for being seen in public with Hef, you get a monthly allowance of x-thousand dollars.   Which probably suits these girls just fine.  I think most Playboy chicks don't like sex … they just want to dress up sexy.

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    Keyser S 10/07/2008 17:04

    Those twins have to lose the puppy dog expressions.  I might smack my basset hound on the ass but that doesn't mean I want to fuck her.

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    Deechronic 10/07/2008 17:10

    hef must be sportin a lead pipe or somthing to that effect…

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    thebigevil 10/07/2008 17:30

    hef has definitely made a deal with the devil.  lucky bastard

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    Galvatron 10/07/2008 17:40

    Sad old man.

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    Stephen01 10/07/2008 17:40

    In other related news, WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK???

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    Slaappy got fingerbanged 10/07/2008 18:27

    These twins will be ruined once they see those droopy tomatoes on the vine that are in the dirt

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    CoupDeGrace 10/07/2008 19:26

    die slowly

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    liferone 10/07/2008 19:38

    check out their open photobuckets. funny shit.

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    opinionated 10/07/2008 20:29

    Hef is banging 19 year old twins? I'm not sure whether to high five Hef or throw up. My response is dependent on whose eyes I see the sex through.

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    EdgardoElegante 10/07/2008 20:43

    At the expense of possibly sounding bitter… I hope he gets dick cancer.

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    EverythingMustGo 10/07/2008 20:47

    lucky man hef.


    i'd love to play with hot blond twins one day 

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    PennieLayne 10/07/2008 21:39

    Does anyone else find it disgusting that they are tagged in photos on myspace by their dad? They are naked in the photos, laying on the sidewalk with the caption "my twins". Not to mention they are 19 and….twins. Since when is incest considered normal. Since when is incest considered hot? Did I miss something?

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    Fussy Bitch 10/07/2008 21:40

    I think these two play pockets will be just like the original GND – throw it all out there for everyone to see and never come through with the goods. I bet the GND haven't been laid since their Daddy's taught them how to made the one eyed snake magically grow.   


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    niclipse 10/07/2008 21:43

    And why shouldn't he be dating these twins? I see buxom blondes with 70 year old men all the time. Get 'em tiger.

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    Handsome Devil 10/07/2008 22:24

    Who says he shouldn't be dating them?  He can do whatever the hell he wants.  But why would anyone want to watch a TV show about a rich old fart who rides around in a limo with hot girls he's not banging?

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