The internet is all in a frenzy today (note: not really, although I guess it's possible) because someone just noticed that Disney star and Selena Gomez’ best friend Demi Lovato had some mysterious scratches on her wrist when photographed at Miley Cyrus' 16th birthday party on October 5th (close up of the cuts/scratches here and here).  I found a bunch of other pictures where she showed her wrists and they look fine, so this is probably nothing.  They don’t even really look like cut marks.  Lindsay Lohan used to do this, and this is what cut marks look like.  Let's hope for the best, because it’s sad when girls do this.  If you’re lonely and lost, you shouldn’t cut yourself, you should get drunk and let me put my hand up your shirt at a party.  I know it sounds crazy, but we’ve got to try something!

(picture sources = bauer griffin, splash, pacific coast and getty)

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