If I were naked, and a girl came at  my penis with a wire coat hanger, I would consider it nothing less than an attack, and I would knee her right in the face and then run right to the cops.  I’m not joking.  Carmen Electra has other ideas, apparently.  

Sexy CARMEN ELECTRA uses wire coat hangers to ramp up her sex life!  The actress/model refuses to go into details about how she uses her homemade sex aids, but admits she's found a hot new use for hangers. She teases, "A little pleasure, a little pain. It's all about fun."  The current Playboy pin-up tells the magazine she's a big collector of sex toys and visits the world's top boutiques to stock up.  Electra, who is engaged to rocker Rob Patterson, adds, "I love going to different sex shops... and collecting the coolest handcuffs and naughtiest lingerie. That's exciting for me."
Yeah, because that’s been a real problem.  Sex is boring.  Finishing in a hot girls mouth is okay, I guess, but if I did while she wore little devil horns, oh baby, NOW were talkin!(by the way, no guy on earth gives a shit about sexy lingerie.  If your man says he does he’s lying or clearly gay.  Guys like girls in tight jeans and push-up bras and then not tight jeans and push-up bras.  If we're gonna have sex, just take your GD clothes off.  Costumes are different.  If you must, dress up like a slutty Hermione or Dorothy or Girl Scout.  You don’t wanna know why, I assure you.)

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