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Jett Travolta, the 16-year-old son of John Travolta who has always been rumored to be autistic but never officially diagnosed, died today in the Bahamas.  And not as in, "from laughter", I mean the real kind.  TMZ says…

Rand Memorial Hospital in the Bahamas tells TMZ the son of John Travolta died today.  We're told 16-year-old Jett was vacationing with Travolta and wife Kelly Preston. We do not know the circumstances of his death. There have been reports that Jett was autistic, though Travolta has denied it, saying he suffers from Kawasaki Syndrome, a condition which often leads to heart disease.

I assume this is sad, but the good news is I bet Scientology funerals are exciting.  A big picture of L Ron Hubbard and they’ll gather around wearing white robes and drink some unnamed blue liquid and then shoot Jetts coffin into space like at the end of Star Trek 2 when Spock died.  Is this the end of Jett, or merely the beginning!!!

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