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VIN DIESEL  – his PR firm dropped him as a client after he disappeared then claimed he was sick rather than doing a day of press to promote “Fast and Furious”.  So, good.  His excuse was so dumb it borders on condescending. He might as well have started to do a phony English accent half way through the call and said he wasn’t Vin Diesel. (source = new york post)

TITS – this is like those comics where Superman fights Bat Man.  Except here they’re wearing bikinis. (source = college humor)

MEGAN FOX – They’re supposed to be broken up, yet Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are together constantly.  Now this: “They appeared very much back together while buying two shopping carts full at Bed Bath & Beyond”.  Granted, I get why he won’t leave.  If she ever walked me to her bedroom, I would die, I’d finish the instant she undid my pants.  And it would look like a whale when it surfaces and does that blowhole thing.  (story = e! online, pictures = flynet)

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