christina looks bouncy

By brendon March 30, 2009 @ 4:03 PM

Christina Aguilera’s breasts made an appearance in LA this weekend, followed a few seconds later by Christina herself.  Are these the greatest pictures ever taken?  Um, well, no actually, but they’re still pretty great.

(image source = pacific coast)

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    FatOldElvis 03/30/2009 16:51

    She’s like a younger, sluttier version of Dolly Parton. I love this fucking country!

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    Paleomiz 03/30/2009 16:59

    Jesus, next time put on some makeup before you leave the house

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    Believedat07 03/30/2009 17:01

    hehe. sarcasm i love

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    Shauna The Dead 03/30/2009 17:03

    She actually really does resemble Dolly Parton… in more ways than two!

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    Skankatron 03/30/2009 17:05

    The guy with the moustache is lookinig at her butt thinking “Mmm, this mustache is going to have some fun.”
    oh and Shauna, you’re pic is hot…haha

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    Tengo Jr. 03/30/2009 17:14

    She has big boobies.

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    niclipse 03/30/2009 17:15

    I’d like to spray my clown all over them thangs.

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    Rokan 03/30/2009 17:16

    Hey Shauna, How’s it going?

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    Paleomiz 03/30/2009 17:17

    I’d like to spray my clown all over them thangs.

    From the looks of that rainbow-encrusted mug of hers, you already did

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    Old_Perv 03/30/2009 17:20

    Tits. I’d do her.

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    Rokan 03/30/2009 17:22

    Hey old_perv, What’s up? Now all we need is yalref. You out there, Dig-Dog?

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    Old_Perv 03/30/2009 17:24

    Just me after looking at these pics.

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    WestsideDingleberry 03/30/2009 17:24

    now we know where Scarlett’s boobs have gone

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    Paleomiz 03/30/2009 17:24

    It’s yelraf (Farley backwards)

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    Rokan 03/30/2009 17:27

    Thanks Doc. I can’t fucking spell at night any better than I can during the day. I’m just looking for friends to play with tonight. How are you?

    (Sorry, I should have mentioned “clown spraying” or something offensive, but I’m tired and feel like being nice.)

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    Rokan 03/30/2009 17:31

    Fuck this chick, Old_perv. Now the Kelly Brook post was awesome today. I haven’t had a hard-on like that since prison.

    Oh shit, I guess I do feel like being offensive.

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    Paleomiz 03/30/2009 17:48

    Well, Rokan, I think the deliberate attempt to be an asshole here is really fucking stupid, so I welcome an attempt at being nice. Anyone want to chat? I can set up a room on AOL like I used to

  18. avatar
    Rokan 03/30/2009 17:57

    Can’t tonight, but thanks for the offer. I like just throwing the shit around with the gang during the day, but yeah, I actually like being nice come evening. This isn’t usually the place for it.
    Apparently, people are under the impression that this is some sort of celebrity gossip sight. Can you believe it?

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    el_jefe_tx 03/30/2009 17:57

    Meh. Tits. Yawn. They just don’t do it for me anymore. My lack of enthusiasm for tits would be a lot easier to handle if I were gay.

    Maybe I’m just depressed because Shauna doesn’t love me.

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    Just the Tip 03/30/2009 18:05

    The tits are Pop Inspiring, for sure… as evidence of the spooge splatter on her left pocket.

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