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March 28, 2009 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

BRUCE WILLIS – officially married Emma Heming yesterday in a private civil ceremony in Beverly Hills.  Their Caribbean wedding last weekend is not recognized in the US. Also not recognized in the US: Page 3 superstar Eve Wyrwal. (NSFW Eve update, source = us magazine)

MADONNA – she dumped her 22yo boyfriend yesterday just before her trip to adopt a child in Africa, probably because adoption officials questioned the morals of a single mother dating someone 28 years younger.  She hopes this will ease any fears that she’s some weirdo pervert.  Here’s a naked picture of her burying her face in a guys ass, but that's different. It was a different era then. It was the 90s, when licking guys assholes was all the rage. (source = daily mail)

JOHN MAYER – last week he broke up with Jennifer Aniston, this week he’s hosting a cruise to Mexico in tiny shorts and a see-thru tank top. It’s the first time a guy has gone gay to get rid of Aniston but rest assured not the last. (image source = pacific coast)

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