anna faris is fantastic

Anna Faris is super hot, but not just super hot.  She’s also really really funny.  And let’s not forget super hot.  And she looked fantastic last night for the premiere of “Something Something Movie”, the problem is that she and her awesome dress are standing in front of a six-foot Seth Rogan face.  So if you ask these pictures out on a date like I did, when you make your move, Seth Rogans giant fuckin head is, not just looking at you, but pointing at his eyes, as if to say, “I see you, I see what you’re doing.  And I’m going to tell.”  I thought the solution was to photoshop a picture of me over Seth Rogan, as if she and I were in love, but it turns out – and I did not realize this before – the one thing more uncomfortable to masturbating while looking at a dude is masturbating while looking at a dude who is you.  It’s like I jerked off on my twin. 

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