By brendon May 22, 2009 @ 1:08 PM

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Thank God he has a white shirt on. Otherwise it would just be this little smiling head floating two feet off the ground. I know he’s at Cannes to promote “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, but this would also do a good job promoting some sort of state-run selective infanticide program.

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    RobotHuman 05/22/2009 13:10

    He’s huge in Japan.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/22/2009 13:29

    npd….2 things. This post lacks tits, and lacks funny. But hey, at least you are consistent.

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    DB's Treasure 05/22/2009 13:37

    Isn’t there a porn out there with him in it?

    Why do I wanna see that?

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    DumbBlondeArkie 05/22/2009 13:39

    And, it has potential. What a shame NPD couldn’t do anything with it. We need (p) to give us a REAL WWTDD post!
    Oh, shit..I just had a flashback of the 5 seconds of Vern’s sex tape I saw. I thought I had erased it from my memory, but now it’s back.
    Fuck you, NPD.

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    DumbBlondeArkie 05/22/2009 13:40

    No, DB, you don’t.
    You’re still conscious!

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    Lora 05/22/2009 13:43

    Aw, he was great on celebrity big brother…except when he was pretending to make out with that plastic baby, that was a bit sick. But just watching him trying to climb up big people’s stairs was compensation enough.

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    JimmyMcGinty 05/22/2009 13:46

    Arkie, long time no see sweet ass!

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    SCUM 05/22/2009 13:49

    It’s Pepper cruising the prom.

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    What Me Worry? 05/22/2009 13:51

    What little news…

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    DumbBlondeArkie 05/22/2009 13:54

    Hi, Jimmy! Just checking back in while I’m working on the pool. Have a fantastic weekend!

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    SCUM 05/22/2009 13:55

    For a minute I though Db had put his Ken dolls clothes on his dick.

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    DB's Treasure 05/22/2009 14:20

    ECHO! ECHo! ECho! Echo! echo!

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    DB's Treasure 05/22/2009 14:21

    <—– peen

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    Watt(Power) 05/22/2009 14:33

    I liked on the surreal life where he drove around naked on his little scooter and pissed in the corner

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    Pottz 05/22/2009 14:45

    Wait, we can’t see all of our posts anymore? WTF!! Everytime I come to this motherfucker the gay dude isn’t funny and the fucking profile shit changes..GODDAMN WWTDD!!

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    Nancy Reagan 05/22/2009 15:40

    Gay, gay, gay, gay, tranny, tranny, gay. That is what I think of the WWTDD writer.

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    fukU 05/22/2009 16:07

    the amazing thing is that this midget gets laid more than you guys!

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    fukU 05/22/2009 16:08

    Scum – Pepper is shorter!

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    The Informative Tony Stark 05/22/2009 16:08

    ::walks into room, goes over to thermostat::

    Why is the thermostat set to 65 degrees Fahrenheit when no one is in here (18.3 degrees Celsius for you metric people like Lora)?

    ::turns thermostat up to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, leaves::

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