Amy Adams is better like this


Amy Adams was the only recognizable name to show up in a bikini this weekend, and you may be wondering if she's been hiding some amazing hot body all this time. Let me put it this way: No. See for yourself here and here. She can be cute sometimes, but in the wrong dress she's like something you'd see haunting an Irish castle.

Thankfully someone reminded me about these Naomi Millbank Smith pictures.  Amys pictures had zero percent tits and pigment.  Naomis have about 400 percent.  She's not really famous yet, but she's filming her second movie now so maybe she will be soon.  Hopefully she will, because I'm sick of everyone we have now and I could get used to Naomis awesome chest.  I could post a new picture every day and never get bored.  Hell I could draw a new picture every day and never get bored.

7.1.09 UPDATE - amy adams pictures removed by request.

(26 more pics here. hq jump here)

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