Amy Adams is better like this

By brendon June 29, 2009 @ 3:20 PM


Amy Adams was the only recognizable name to show up in a bikini this weekend, and you may be wondering if she’s been hiding some amazing hot body all this time. Let me put it this way: No. See for yourself here and here. She can be cute sometimes, but in the wrong dress she’s like something you’d see haunting an Irish castle.

Thankfully someone reminded me about these Naomi Millbank Smith pictures.  Amys pictures had zero percent tits and pigment.  Naomis have about 400 percent.  She’s not really famous yet, but she’s filming her second movie now so maybe she will be soon.  Hopefully she will, because I’m sick of everyone we have now and I could get used to Naomis awesome chest.  I could post a new picture every day and never get bored.  Hell I could draw a new picture every day and never get bored.

7.1.09 UPDATE – amy adams pictures removed by request.

(26 more pics here. hq jump here)

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    Jean-Claude Van Douche 06/29/2009 15:21

    Can I get an Amen?

  2. avatar
    DB's Treasure 06/29/2009 15:23

    HERE we go! Excellent pair of breasts. I’d starch her nipple hair.

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    DB's Treasure 06/29/2009 15:24

    My post from earlier thread:

    Holy hell, people, let’s get off of this melancholy subject and start discussing how we brutally beat the fuck-ends of our significant others this weekend! I asked if any of you girls got it up the ass…the least you could do is tell me “no, DB, but I did suck the fountain of youth straight from my boy’s dork and let him empty a few rounds in my batch canal”.

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    Rick (with a silent P) 06/29/2009 15:24

    This ranks as the breast post of the day…

  5. avatar
    leftnutofjesus 06/29/2009 15:25

    i’d watch a puerto rican do unspeakable things to this girl.

    beating off in the corner? strictly optional.

  6. avatar
    SsnakeOil 06/29/2009 15:25

    Yeah, Naomi wins this boob-off, but I still think Amy’s cute. Had no idea she was so…. hippy.

  7. avatar
    CodPiece 06/29/2009 15:25

    i heart boobies

  8. avatar
    Tito's Appendix 06/29/2009 15:26

    Who the fuck is this and what have I done to deserve to have to look at it?

  9. avatar
    Jean-Claude Van Douche 06/29/2009 15:26

    DB – My gf is not a fan of that particular act but I did choke her rather savagely upon request. Also, there was biting.

    At some point I have this feeling that we are going to break through to full on punching each other with intent to injure. It is very exciting.

  10. avatar
    Headly 06/29/2009 15:26

    NOW we’re talking! Mmmm, just a little feel….

  11. avatar
    RedRage 06/29/2009 15:27

    JCVD, do you have ropes around your bed and an announcer that introduces each of you when you walk in the bedroom?

  12. avatar
    Zombie 06/29/2009 15:28

    Amazing rack. I could titfuck her for hours… what about you CB?

  13. avatar
    Pottz 06/29/2009 15:28

    I’d still fuck the living shit out of Amy Adams, tan or not. The cutesy shit just does something to me…

  14. avatar
    Jean-Claude Van Douche 06/29/2009 15:29

    RR – No, I find the less around the bed the less chance of injury…by foreign object.

  15. avatar
    Watt(Power) 06/29/2009 15:29

    B – one beer one shot one glass rule?

  16. avatar
    Pottz 06/29/2009 15:30

    Zombie, as much as I would love to laugh at your avatar…something about it makes you look like a bigger douche than you already are. MJ maybe, Ed McMahon, sure, David Caradine, Absolutely…but Billy Mays? It’s like you shit on a kitten.

  17. avatar
    Rokan 06/29/2009 15:32

    Oh, Hey Pottz you Ass-tampon!

  18. avatar
    tblaney6591 06/29/2009 15:33


  19. avatar
    RedRage 06/29/2009 15:33

    Pottz, love the Keeley Hazel avi!

    “RR – No, I find the less around the bed the less chance of injury…by foreign object.” Like Headly getting cracked in the head with a vibrator? Refresh my memory, did he fall in a pool after that or is that just wishful thinking for comedic gold?

  20. avatar
    dirtydiane 06/29/2009 15:33

    rokan, the ass-tampon is known as the “man-pon” just fyi…

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