Eyes up here, pervert

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That living dead zombie and I agree; big tits really are awesome. I didn't read the captions for these pictures from last night, but it would seem a haunted mummy was on some kind of killing spree (they sometimes rise up from their tombs to feed a hunger for revenge) but then Catherine Zeta Jones showed up with her breasts to save the day! Yaay, you did it!

(image source = wenn, splash and pcn. hq jump = here) DECEPTIVE UPDATE - not really an update but whatever. A friend of mine does insurance for one of the big studios. When a movie is made she buys insurance on the actors and equipment and whatever. Obviously to do that she needs documentation on everyone. Real stuff, not the fakes they have made. Anyway, she said Jones is 12 years older than she claims. So, 51, and not 39 like her bio says. She looks pretty good for 51, but she's standing next to George Washington - who should have died like 800 years ago - so that probably helps.

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