Jessica Simpson is single

July 14, 2009 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo plays in big games like he has lobster claws for hands, so it’s no surprise that he would screw things up beyond all comprehension when it came time to part ways with Jessica Simpson. Star magazine says…

Jessica Simpson didn’t get an engagement ring for her 29th birthday on Friday — instead she got dumped by Tony Romo!
Tony, who dated Jess for a year and a half, broke up with her on Thursday, the night before her birthday.

It’s true Jess is sort of a mess these days, but I blame this nerd for that. Both she and the Dallas offense were in much better shape two years ago. Look how hot she was in that see thru dress. Also keep in mind she can do this with her tongue. She’d be the perfect gf right now; super motivated to get back in shape, and all you have to do is not set her on fire and you’ll be a huge improvement over the last guy.

(11 more pics here. hq jump here)

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