Kevin Federline has still got it

By brendon July 28, 2009 @ 2:28 PM


Kevin Federline played golf at the Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Classic outside LA yesterday, although at first I thought it was Winnie the Pooh. And he was smoking. I said, “No Winnie The Pooh, don’t smoke, the kids, they look up to you!” But it’s okay. It’s just KFed. No one looks up to him, so he can do whatever.


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  1. SCUM 07/28/2009 14:29

    AIDS, herpes, scabies, clamidia, penis envy? For god sakes tell us man.

  2. Veracity 07/28/2009 14:29

    He’s such a fuckin douche bag

  3. SCUM 07/28/2009 14:30

    I like a man that swings a big club.

  4. SCUM 07/28/2009 14:30

    A douche bag with a golf bag.

  5. entropissed 07/28/2009 14:31

    I wish I had enough money/was worthlessly lazy enough to get that corpulent

  6. Veracity 07/28/2009 14:32

    Kevin FedHeraLine and got rich. Can’t blame him for that I suppose

  7. DB's Treasure 07/28/2009 14:34

    Where the hell does this used diaper get the money to play golf?

  8. Woodsman 07/28/2009 14:34

    Winnie the Douche,
    Winnie the Douche
    Fugly, emo, fucktard all stuffed with lard,
    Winnie the Douche

  9. pepper 07/28/2009 14:34

    Who is the father?

  10. Big Smelly Dirt Cock 07/28/2009 14:34

    Are those actually shorts or khakis for fat midgets?

  11. Death to Finkle! 07/28/2009 14:36

    I bet those Jordans really help him in attaining his 2 inch vertical.

  12. Death to Finkle! 07/28/2009 14:37

    I just channeled SuperB with a sports-y reference.

  13. SinDs 07/28/2009 14:39

    as bad as it sounds, i found him semi-attractive back in the day.

  14. snatch 07/28/2009 14:39

    why would you go and do something like that?

  15. SCUM 07/28/2009 14:40

    Is SinDs really Pepper?

  16. dirtydiane 07/28/2009 14:41

    does the pregnant man know that k-fed is stealing his thunder [thighs]?

  17. CB007 07/28/2009 14:42

    Wow, he’s a fatty now.

  18. Rokan 07/28/2009 14:42

    Shame on you SinDs,

    A fine young lady like you, falling for a Wigger!

  19. They Call Me Lo 07/28/2009 14:43

    Somebody grab that oompa loompa!

  20. SCUM 07/28/2009 14:44

    DD, you should of asked the boo’s to put some watermelon in it to make Grape Drank Getto Supreme Sangria. Now THAT’S racist.

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