Kim Kardashian is bouncy

By brendon July 17, 2009 @ 9:56 AM


I assume these Kim Kardashian bikini pics are from this set from last week, which is to say I have no idea where they’re from. I think it’s some campaign for Sierra Mist, which was a good idea because who knew they even still made that shit. That was where the good ideas ended because whatever genius thought the “girls on trampolines” thing would translate to still photography was sadly mistaken. It would be like instead of calling you on the phone and saying “hey do you have any weed”, I just mailed you the words “hey” “you” “weed” in three different letters.

But whatever, because it’s Foxy Friday here on Tyler, when Foxes get in free!

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    pump 07/17/2009 10:03

    I like her boobs.

  2. avatar
    Blaine 07/17/2009 10:06

    Her ass bounces more than her tits. Amazing.

  3. avatar
    Danimalia 07/17/2009 10:08

    Kim Kardashian is a retard whore.

  4. avatar
    Tits McGee 07/17/2009 10:09

    I hate her stupid face. She has a nice ass though.

  5. avatar
    RemSteale 07/17/2009 10:09

    Its a bad day when Kim Kardashian starts to look good

  6. avatar
    SinDs 07/17/2009 10:10

    she is definitely starting to look better

  7. avatar
    Rick (with a silent P) 07/17/2009 10:13

    “she is definitely starting to look better”

    Maybe, SinDs, but she has not your looks, wit, or personality…so you’re still my first call after hitting the lottery…

  8. avatar
    SuperB 07/17/2009 10:15

    You start banging rich black guys with athletic talent instead of terrible rapping black guys, and well…movin up in the world.

  9. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 07/17/2009 10:17

    “You start banging rich black guys with athletic talent instead of terrible rapping black guys”

    Life advice for us all.

  10. avatar
    SinDs 07/17/2009 10:17

    (p)rick – woo hoo! lucky for you i’m very patient!

  11. avatar
    pepper 07/17/2009 10:19

    They did an amazing job with photoshop in hiding the wires holding her off the ground.

  12. avatar
    Tits McGee 07/17/2009 10:20

    I’ve decided that I would give her the honor of letting me bang her from behind.

  13. avatar
    pepper 07/17/2009 10:21

    I rather fuck a duck!

  14. avatar
    Mac-Daddy 07/17/2009 10:22

    REM…….I was thinking the same thing!

  15. avatar
    Long_Duk_Dong 07/17/2009 10:23

    hamhocks and hog jowels….
    look at the rump roll in pic 12!

  16. avatar
    Rick (with a silent P) 07/17/2009 10:23

    I am just glad they decided against using Kong Kuntassian for the trampoline commercial…

  17. avatar
    Tits McGee 07/17/2009 10:24

    I just drank a protein shake and I feel like I am floating. What kind of amino acids are in this? Weird.

  18. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 07/17/2009 10:25

    Kong Kuntassian aka Rocky Dennis

  19. avatar
    RemSteale 07/17/2009 10:25

    I would say the phtographers idea of what is sexy is stuck somewhere around 1956

  20. avatar
    BALLSY 07/17/2009 10:26

    Man uses chain saw in US mountain lion attack
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    From Associated Press
    July 17, 2009 8:58 AM EDT

    BILLINGS, Montana – A Colorado man used a chain saw to fight off an apparently starving mountain lion that attacked him during a camping trip in northwestern Wyoming with his wife and two toddlers.

    Dustin Britton, a 32-year-old mechanic and ex-Marine from Windsor, Colorado, said he was alone cutting firewood about 100 feet (30 meters) from his campsite in the Shoshone National Forest when he saw the 100-pound (45-kilogram) lion staring at him from some bushes.

    The 6-foot tall, 170 pound (183-centimeter tall, 77 kilogram) Britton said he raised his chain saw and met the lion head-on as it pounced – a collision he described as feeling like a grown man running directly into him.

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