Mary Louise Parker is hot, naked

By brendon July 08, 2009 @ 7:54 PM


Mary Louise Parker is in this months Esquire magazine, and you have to hand it to the foppish dandies over there, because they’ve once again managed to describe a super hot naked girl in the gayest way possible.

A few times now you’ve given Esquire your image – your long platinum neck, your deep Guinness eyes staring out from the photos, your movie-star nose, twitched a little, your long body lounging on our pages.

I have no idea what Lord Queerington is talking about, but that’s nothing new with Esquire and GQ. They should rename those magazines Restraining Order Digest and Exfoliating Weekly because that’s all they ever fucking talk about. A magazine about socks and truffle oil for guys is about as useful as a fantasy football guide for girls. Oh, what’s that Esquire? Brooches? For men? Ohhh, do I dare?!?!

(hq jump here. two full size pics here and here)

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    Rokan 07/08/2009 21:36

    Hi Blur,

    How are things with you?

  2. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 21:41

    people, people, people..stay on topic!
    Rokan, I thought you died?

  3. avatar
    blur 07/08/2009 21:41

    Okey-doke, Rokan, thanks for asking.
    (gotta find myself a new avatar like I said I wld)

  4. avatar
    Rokan 07/08/2009 21:50

    Damnit Pepper, That was just a rumor. You should know better.

    Will you tell me who your AVI is? Please?

  5. avatar
    CB007 07/08/2009 21:51

    Rokan, time it k, how long it takes for the Fake to show up. AND the Fake didn’t even keep their word. They said no sexy Avi’s, no talking about myself and 1 post per page. I changed the Avi, didn’t talk about myself, and only had 1 post for the page, and they still pulled their shit. I say fuck it then, might as well have nice Avi’s to look at and post all I want.

    ::Rubs hands together, excitedly awaiting the arrival of the pussy Fake CB::

  6. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 21:51

    Rokan…it is non other then I…

  7. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 21:53

    real CB, are you sure you are not fake CB?
    i find it strange that the fake shows up as soon as you post…

  8. avatar
    The Irreverent Tony Stark 07/08/2009 21:54

    It’s time for Conspiracy Theory Pepper.

  9. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 21:54

    From now on, I will only post at night time….

  10. avatar
    CB007 07/08/2009 21:55

    I am not Pepper, it is strange, it actually kind of creeps me out a little. A tad stalkerish. What is your email again Pepper?

  11. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 21:58
    feel free to send me ass many ass pics that my mail box can handle…

  12. avatar
    Mumbles McGinty 07/08/2009 21:59

    to fake or not to fake? …

    Who is this person in banner ..Mary Louise whatever ….famous for ?

  13. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 22:00

    Mumbles, does it really matter?

  14. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 22:01

    Rokan, what did you almost die from…of…

  15. avatar
    Mumbles McGinty 07/08/2009 22:01

    go a few of those ass shots as well?

  16. avatar
    Mumbles McGinty 07/08/2009 22:02

    Pepper …damn right. it just dont matter.

  17. avatar
    acro31 07/08/2009 22:03

    Damn after 4 seasons of Weeds, we can finally see her tits! It’s about time now! I’m going to go use my johnson now!

  18. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 22:06

    acro31, I see it doesn’t take much to wack your johson…….

  19. avatar
    Rokan 07/08/2009 22:15

    High blood pressure and paracarditis, Inflammation of the heart lining.

    How am I supposed to picture you as a monkey with a real picture in my head?

  20. avatar
    Rokan 07/08/2009 22:16

    Why are you only going to post at night?

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