Mary Louise Parker is hot, naked

By brendon July 08, 2009 @ 7:54 PM


Mary Louise Parker is in this months Esquire magazine, and you have to hand it to the foppish dandies over there, because they’ve once again managed to describe a super hot naked girl in the gayest way possible.

A few times now you’ve given Esquire your image – your long platinum neck, your deep Guinness eyes staring out from the photos, your movie-star nose, twitched a little, your long body lounging on our pages.

I have no idea what Lord Queerington is talking about, but that’s nothing new with Esquire and GQ. They should rename those magazines Restraining Order Digest and Exfoliating Weekly because that’s all they ever fucking talk about. A magazine about socks and truffle oil for guys is about as useful as a fantasy football guide for girls. Oh, what’s that Esquire? Brooches? For men? Ohhh, do I dare?!?!

(hq jump here. two full size pics here and here)

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    What Me Worry? 07/08/2009 23:21

    How to spot an out of control child:

    Does your child often:

    lose his temper

    argue with adults

    refuse to comply with rules and requests

    deliberately annoy people

    blame others for his mistakes and misbehavior

    Is your child often:

    touchy and easily annoyed by others

    angry and resentful

    spiteful and vindictive

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    What Me Worry? 07/08/2009 23:21

    Recognize anyone there fake CB?

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    BALLSY 07/08/2009 23:22

    uh oh I AM A CHILD

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    Tom Foolery 07/08/2009 23:23

    Real CB: You still here?

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    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:24

    Rokan, let’s not mind the terrorist. It’s not worth our time. And I have no trouble scrolling through the bullshit if I have to.

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    pepper 07/08/2009 23:25

    sorry Tom, CB can’t talk to you right now, my cock is in her mouth, try again in 30 minutes…would you believe in 30 seconds?

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    Tom Foolery 07/08/2009 23:26

    Pepper, I would believe that for sure. Many a time I have not lasted more than a minute. Always with oral though.

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    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:26

    Pepper, wait, I thought MY cock is in her mouth.

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    What Me Worry? 07/08/2009 23:27

    Fake CB has probably been grounded by his mother and has nothing better to do than spend all day on the internet making an ass of himself.

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    Rokan 07/08/2009 23:28

    Right on Massive,
    My wireless mouse was out of batteries and I was turning them over just to get a charge to click.
    I stole them from the remote, so back in business.

    Time to smoke a joint.

    Who’s in?

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    Headly 07/08/2009 23:28

    Damn, Ballsy…evidently so am I.

    Pepper, I lost a beautiful condo on Lakeshore Drive overlooking Lake Michigan and a really nice lakehouse in Wisconsin about two hours out of Chicago and the boat that went with it. I left with my clothes, some small personal shit, and my 15 yr old Jeep Wrangler. I didn’t fight her, since I was pretty much all at fault and was a real asshole to a good woman. She didn’t deserve that. I eventually transferred out of Chicago because even that town gets small. I miss my shit and sometimes the woman and always the city, but not the marriage.

    Rokan, “Thief” with James Caan was on last night. GREAT fuckin Chicago movie.

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    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:28

    WMW, he might be a “she”. Food for thoughts there.

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    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:29

    Pass the doobie over.




    ::pass it to Headly::

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    CB007 07/08/2009 23:30

    WMW the second part of your comment describes about 93% of the people here, including yourself retard.

    Everybody listen to Rokan closely, he’s so wise! After all, your mother always told you to take advice from a dope head right?

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    Rokan 07/08/2009 23:31

    Pepper, Did I ever tell you that I finished Camu’s The Stranger?

    What the fuck was wrong with that guy?

    He didn’t give a shit about anything.

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    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:31

    Rokan, did you hear something?

    No, neither did I.

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    Headly 07/08/2009 23:31

    :::takes shot of Powers, and hit off Rokan’s hydro, passes to Pepper:::


  18. avatar
    Rokan 07/08/2009 23:33

    Go away now, little worm.

    Your reason for existence is over when CB leaves.

    Let the grown-ups have their conversations now, sweetheart.

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    pepper 07/08/2009 23:34

    Headly, the only good thing that I have from my bad marriage is my son……

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    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:35

    WMW, so she admitted that the first part of your comment is fully attributed to herself only.

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